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Aug 25, 2011 09:16 AM

beefstake tomatos where?

So far this Season I have found Beefsteaks only at Metro, of all places
Two in a Box.
Have purchased them several times there.
Anywhere else?
I have tried the various Heirlooms but nothing tastes like a Beefsteak

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    1. re: iMarilyn

      are you certain that they were Beefsteak,
      Saw Bushels of Field Tomatoes last time I was there but have never seen Beefsteaks by the Bushel anywhere.

    2. Picked up some fabulous beefstake tomatoes at the Leslieville Farmers Market (Sundays 9-2). Farmer was from Picton Ontario, but I can't remember his name.

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      1. re: BequiaT

        Have never been to the Leslieville Market, but will go the Sunday.
        Anything else worthwhile there?

        1. re: erly

          Oh...this place is great!!

          French breads and croissants that took me back to Paris, enjoyed with a Green Mountain coffee was a great start to the day. Two organic meat farmers, Tiffinday is there as well. Picked up some great sheeps-milk cheeses and home made summer sausage. Hooked has a table with their wild fishies, Loic has their gluten-free tarts and cookies, Canadian Pie company has both savoury and sweet pies...didn't indulge but my SO thoroughly enjoyed the fresh blueberry tarts I brought home for him!

          There is also a place to pick up mixed cut-up melons in a cup, a guy making waffles while you wait, loads of fresh fruit and veggies, some out of the ordinary. They had a band that started up around 10:30 - 11 am, and there was yoga for the kids.

          Overall enjoyable, and I'll be back to indulge this Sunday again...good vibe and family/dog friendly.

          Canadian Pie
          1071 Danforth, Toronto, ON M4J1M1, CA