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Restaurants & Bars Featured in HBO's The Wire

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I don't know if this is the proper forum, but I am attempting to compile a list of bars and restaurants that were featured in the Wire. We have a huge Wire fan coming into town this weekend, and I never actually stopped to think about some of these. I'd rather bars for this event, but so far I have:

Brewer's Art
The Drinkery
Red Star
Al Pacino Pizza
Chaps Pit Beef
Nick's Fish House

Might have been:
Mt Washington Tavern
Federal Hill Market Oyster Bar
Hull St. Blues


Brewer's Art
1106 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Chaps Pit Beef
5801 Pulaski Hwy Ste 1, Baltimore, MD 21205

Mt Washington Tavern
5700 Newbury St, Baltimore, MD 21209

Al Pacino Cafe
1809 Reisterstown Rd Ste 153, Pikesville, MD 21208

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  1. Orlando's from Season 1 is Ritz Cabaret on Broadway
    The bar that Lamar looks for Omar in in Season 3 is Leon's
    Separate scenes were shot in both the bar and dining room of Louisiana but can't immediately recall which

    1. There were a couple of scenes (I think in season 5, where Clay Davis meets with Freamon) filmed at The Haven.

      1. Location not featured, but in season 1, Omar offers his partner/lover a crab cake and explains "It's Faidley's."

        I don't remember the scene with Red Star. When was it?

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          Several time there were lunches had at the now defunct Werner's between the Commissioner and Carcetti.

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            Also, the Sip n Bite on Boston street was used for a scene I think, can't remember.

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            Red Star is in season 3. Stringer is having lunch with a few of the developers taking calls on his cell phone while McNulty is tailing him outside.

          3. In season 1 (I think) D's mother brought him a fishcake from Sterlings.

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              you're right. d's mom got it for him. i thought it was a lake trout sandwich with hot sauce though. not a fishcake.

            2. Bourdain's rust belt episode of No Reservations featured Wire cast members at a few area spots. I know Chaps was one he visited with Jay Landsman, along with a couple spots with Snoop.

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                I hated that episode, we aren't the rust belt and they went to stupid places.

                1. What about Kavanagh's, the bar where they go drinking sometimes. It actually became Coconuts in the 90's and then in '09 became Waterstone Bar & Grill. It's there across form MD General near Howard & Madison

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                    Kavanaghs is actually The Sidebar based on what i've read and seen.

                  2. polock johnny's - mcnulty got himself a hotdog from there.

                    1. Season 1 D'Angelo takes his girl to The Prime Rib.

                      1. In the season with the kids (i think 5?), the ex-cop who's mentoring the kids in the special class takes all of them to ruth's chris in pier 5

                        1. They filmed some scenes at Fort Charles Pub, which later became Taps and is now some Irish thing. Damn I miss that bar.

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                            Wasn't there some hot dog joint where Bunny Colvin and deacon ate lunch? I remember they were debating the proper hot dog toppings.

                              1. re: msjess

                                That was Polock Johnny's .....

                                Polock Johnny's
                                3212 Washington Blvd, Baltimore, MD 21230

                            1. Pretty sure McNulty got his kids to do the front and follow in the Northeast Market:


                              1. McNulty's drinking again ... at the Harbor Way Inn on Pratt street is where he picks up some floozies. Beleive me, they found the actress in a casting call, not the real Harbor Way Inn.

                                Also the bar used in Season 2 was in real life and the show called the Clement Street Cafe. It was on the corner of Clement and Covington. Its gone now. But "why don't you go work a bar stool down Clement St" is still one of my favorite lines of the show.

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                                  Hmm..I thought it was Clement and Jackson??

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                                    Ooops, absolutely correct. Clement and Jackson.

                                    For posterity: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHybA8...

                                  2. re: KAZ

                                    Nice quote on the Clement St Cafe!

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                                      Here's the interior shot of the Harbor Way Inn. Its still there, but there is no sign. On Pratt just east of the MLK.


                                    2. Pretty sure Daniels and Pearlman initially hook up at that old place on the harbor where the new Marriott is now. I can picture it, but can't pull the name. Used to have a decent brunch with a great view. Who's got the stink of wisdom on them?


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                                        in dc, Mc nutty goes to georgia brown's with the campaign manager

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                                          Carry out Chucky's (or is it chuckie's) Chicken and Ruth's Chris in season 4.

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                                          Not that it matters for the purpose of the original post, but the place was called Victor's Cafe. Long gone now.

                                        3. Wow this is a great and informative post. Props to the OP, who is clearly a fan of the HBO series The Wire, which I've heard is pretty good. I don't like violence or food very much, though.

                                          Cafe Mocha
                                          859 N Howard St Fl 1, Baltimore, MD 21201

                                          Kumari Restaurant
                                          911 N Charles St Ste B, Baltimore, MD 21201

                                          Tapas Teatro Cafe
                                          1711 N Charles St Ste A, Baltimore, MD 21201

                                          1. Ropewalk Tavern on Charles Street was used.

                                            Ropewalk Tavern
                                            1209 S Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21230

                                            1. - I forget which season it is, but Bubble's mentor/sponsor (I think his name is Walen?) is working at a crab place in Baltimore. Not sure if it was on filmed on location, but the mentor worked at Bay Island Seafood Carry Out (on 1903 W. Pratt Street). The crabs there are not bad btw.
                                              - Also, it's been mentioned in the thread, but Sterling's was were D's mother brought back food for him. Sterling's has two locations (original location and a sub location within Lexington Market).
                                              - If you hit up Lexington Market, you can go to Sterling's, Faidley's and Polock Johnny's (none of these locations were ever seen, I think they were just mentioned).

                                              Lexington Market
                                              400 W Lexington St, Baltimore, MD 21201

                                              Polock Johnny's
                                              400 W Lexington St Ste 56, Baltimore, MD 21201