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Aug 25, 2011 07:44 AM

Restaurants & Bars Featured in HBO's The Wire

I don't know if this is the proper forum, but I am attempting to compile a list of bars and restaurants that were featured in the Wire. We have a huge Wire fan coming into town this weekend, and I never actually stopped to think about some of these. I'd rather bars for this event, but so far I have:

Brewer's Art
The Drinkery
Red Star
Al Pacino Pizza
Chaps Pit Beef
Nick's Fish House

Might have been:
Mt Washington Tavern
Federal Hill Market Oyster Bar
Hull St. Blues


Brewer's Art
1106 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Chaps Pit Beef
5801 Pulaski Hwy Ste 1, Baltimore, MD 21205

Mt Washington Tavern
5700 Newbury St, Baltimore, MD 21209

Al Pacino Cafe
1809 Reisterstown Rd Ste 153, Pikesville, MD 21208

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  1. Orlando's from Season 1 is Ritz Cabaret on Broadway
    The bar that Lamar looks for Omar in in Season 3 is Leon's
    Separate scenes were shot in both the bar and dining room of Louisiana but can't immediately recall which

    1. There were a couple of scenes (I think in season 5, where Clay Davis meets with Freamon) filmed at The Haven.

      1. Location not featured, but in season 1, Omar offers his partner/lover a crab cake and explains "It's Faidley's."

        I don't remember the scene with Red Star. When was it?

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        1. re: chefdilettante

          Several time there were lunches had at the now defunct Werner's between the Commissioner and Carcetti.

          1. re: bmore_flavor

            Also, the Sip n Bite on Boston street was used for a scene I think, can't remember.

          2. re: chefdilettante

            Red Star is in season 3. Stringer is having lunch with a few of the developers taking calls on his cell phone while McNulty is tailing him outside.

          3. In season 1 (I think) D's mother brought him a fishcake from Sterlings.

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            1. re: jfish

              you're right. d's mom got it for him. i thought it was a lake trout sandwich with hot sauce though. not a fishcake.

            2. Bourdain's rust belt episode of No Reservations featured Wire cast members at a few area spots. I know Chaps was one he visited with Jay Landsman, along with a couple spots with Snoop.

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              1. re: laststandchili

                I hated that episode, we aren't the rust belt and they went to stupid places.