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Aug 25, 2011 01:02 AM

Fresh Hatch Chiles in Vancouver!

I've always wondered what the famous (at least to me) Hatch chiles are like ever since I read about Green Chile Cheeseburgers in Santa Fe and I've been jonesing for one since.

Hatch Chiles are a semi-hot New Mexico green chile (Anaheim style) grown in (of course) Hatch, New Mexico. Although I'm sure there's a certain amount of marketing hype just the photos of rotating cages of chiles slowly fire roasting had me salivating and when I walked into Whole Foods today and saw piles of fresh Hatch Chiles for sale I had to buy a bunch to take home and make my own Chile Cheese Burgers.

Over the years I've found frozen Hatch Chiles when I traveled in the U.S. but they're always kind of soggy and lacking in flavour so I was stoked to find the real thing here in a fresh version!

I got home and immediately turned on my trusty Weber Q and roasted the peppers followed by throwing a couple of burgers on. I skinned and seeded the peppers (very easy as the skin just falls off), coarse chopped them and threw them into a pan with some fried onions. Hatch Chiles come in a number of varieties and can range from mild to quite spicy so I rolled the dice and didn't try them until I put the burgers together with classic cheddar.

The result? A good cheeseburger with a mild to medium amount of heat. I was hoping for some serious bite so next time I'll leave the seeds in when I chop them up. In order to get the full effect I'd put in two medium size peppers per burger as they cook down on the grill.
For now I've saved myself the price of a ticket to New Mexico as I seriously thought about checking out the Hatch Chile Festival which is coming up soon.

Next up: Chocolate chile cookies and/or brownies! I tried the brownies once with frozen chiles and they were disgusting so this'll be the final test.

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  1. I myself have wanted to replicate a green chile cheeseburger after watching it on TV - but didn't know where to find the specific chiles in Vancouver. Thanks for the tip, I am excited to try it out this weekend.

    1. which WF and do you remember what they were selling for ??

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        i found them at the Cambie location but can't remember the is not too expensive from what I can recall. I often don't look twice at the chili section at Whole Foods but was surprised at their varieties; I will definitely be roasting some of the other peppers there in the near future.

        1. re: ume

          This sounded so good I'm now having to eat something! And take out ground beef for burgers tomorrow. Will have to do with a blend of red and jalepeno tho!

          thanks for the friday grill inspiration.

          1. re: Luna2372

            Went back for a second batch a couple of days ago and they were on sale at WF Cambie for $1.49 lb. (reg $1.99). This time I made chicken burgers and when I roasted the chiles I left all the seeds in after skinning - that amped up the heat to a very pleasant kick. Not smokin' hot but just fine for what I needed.

            Also, this Saturday, Sept 3 Capers on W. 4th will be sampling fresh roasted Hatch Chiles between 2 - 4. They have signage up explaining the history of them as well.

            1. re: eatrustic

              I went yesterday and bought a couple of pounds - $1.79/lb. iirc. Roasted them up today - found they had a good kick of heat! no need to add a hotter peppers. Made a breakfast scramble - eggs, cheese, crispy bacon, homemade shredded hash browns and a chile/onion/'garlic mixture, wrapped in a flour tortilla (from Allrecipes). Quite yummy, but had to use just about every pan in the house. Doing dishes for 2 hours makes me grumpy!

      2. I'm from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Grew up on green chile cheese burgers and all sorts of other green chile dishes. You have no idea of how good the smell of hatch green chiles roasting in a roaster smells unless you whitness it yourself. You can smell it from a long distance away. On the topic of Green Chile Cheese Burgers. The best possiblye way to do it is to make a green chile sauce or stew and smother your favourite burger with it. That's how it's done at home. The sauce is 98% chilies with some vegetable, beef or chicken stock and possibly salt and spices added. I miss hatch green chilies like an addict joneses for hard drugs.

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          Welcome, TwoDogs, and thanks for the word picture of roasting hatches! I hope you can find some to quash your jones :-)