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Wildwood trip in a hurricane

This is our first vacation in awhile. Only Hurrican Irene is determined to ruin it. But we're trying to
stay positive. My question is: Looking for restaurants/food shops outside out the Wildwood/Cape May area. South, west, north. I did read about Mo'Greens Roast House, which sounds great. But
I'm wondering if there are any hidden gems that don't get as much publicity.

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  1. Mo Greens is quite a bit north of Wildwood. Are you looking for restaurants in Monmouth county?

    We've already cancelled a planned trip too. GL!

    1. I planned Wildwood/Cape May this weekend and cancelled. Darn. I've been down there for hurricanes, not much fun. Good luck!

      1. Honestly, I would cancel the trip. The weather is supposed to be absolutely awful here this weekend.

        1. I hate to join the group and rain on your parade but there is NOTHING to do there in the rain, especially bad rain like is expected. Really the only attractions are boardwalk and beach.Sure there's an old movie theatre but thats on the boardwalk. Having gone to Wildwood for many years I can personally tell you that food wise it's pretty bleak. Have you been to Wildwood before?

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            Yes, I've been to Wildwood before. Actually, we're going for the whole week. My husband and I still haven't decided what to do.

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              Being on a barrier island, you might well wish you had changed your plans. A barrier island is no place to be with a forecast like the one for coastal new jersey. If the hurricane hits as expected, there will be widespread power outages, massive flooding and other damage, probably nothing will be open, and you may be forced to evacuate anyway. Remember the damage in Galveston, Texas during the 2008 hurricane?

              Here's the forecast from AccuWeather

              "Sandy Hook to Cape May, N.J.
              The eyewall of Irene will pass close by Sunday morning, with full hurricane effects expected. Weather conditions will deteriorate Saturday into Saturday evening with wind and rain increasing. Periods of heavy rain, damaging hurricane-force winds (80-95 mph) and serious coastal and back bay flooding will occur Saturday night and Sunday. Expect significant beach erosion with a storm surge averaging 2 to 4 feet, but locally it can be higher. Waves will top seawalls late Saturday night into Sunday morning."

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                Unfortunately, arriving may be decided for you given the Governors press conference an hour ago. There may not be any restaurants open..Ocean county to Cape May was cited specifically.

            2. If this storm maintains it's projected course be advised that at best access to the barrier islands will be restricted and at worst there may be evacuations ordered. Heavy rains would be the least of your concerns.

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                The governor just declared a state of emergency and stated people on the barrier islands should start leaving.

                1. re: Njchicaa

                  Cape May county is under a manditory evacuation beginning at 8 am tomorrow. Ocean probably the same. Say goodbye to Wildwood Days ...

                  1. re: cwdonald

                    LBI has a mandatory evacuation starting at 8am tomorrow. (not sure if Wildwood is on LBI)

                    Haven't heard anything about the barrier island in Ocean County (Point Pleasant, Lavalette, Seaside Heights, Seaside Park, etc.) yet.

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                      Wildwood is in Cape May county therefore it is under the evacuation order... and yes it is on a barrier island, (but not Long Beach Island .... )

                2. We live in Middlesex County so we will get outdoor stuff inside and get a small supply of water and food. My husband talked to the motel owners and we will get a refund for the days we can't
                  be there. If things clear up, we'll go down later in the week. My husband has the time off no matter what so I guess I'll read more than I do. I've been unemployed for 2.5 years so maybe I'll take a vacation from job applications.

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                    Glad you're staying safe. I have vacationing family that got themselves stuck in the Outer Banks in NC. This will blow over quickly, and you'll be able to enjoy the rest of the week down the shore if you choose to. My cousin and I got stuck in Hurricane Floyd in Florida about a decade ago, and it only caused problems for 2 days.

                    The restaurants will open right back up, and you'll probably have fewer crowds to contend with.

                    1. re: Heatherb

                      I hope you are right. If what I'm hearing about this storm bears out we'll be lucky if anything west of I95 opens up within a week after it goes by. Back in 1985 a storm half this size hit Long Island and power there was out for 7-10 days. AfghanFoodie will be lucky if there aren't extended power outages in Middlesex County...

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                        Storm wimping out. Yay! Still serious wind to come, but the calamity they were looking at yesterday seems to be subsiding. May have to go out to dinner tonight...

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                          equal M, I hope you also decided to stay home.

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                        On the other hand, following Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne on the Treasure Coast of florida in 2004 some people got power back on within a week, others were still waiting two weeks later. Only resident owners were allowed on the barrier islands for at least two weeks following the hurricane and many structures and residences were deemed uninhabitable by the authorities. That hurrricane only lasted 24 hours, so in that regard it did indeed "blow over quickly" but the effects were devastating and long lasting to wide swaths of coastal florida. If it were me I'd head to the Poconos or any point west rather than assume at this point things will be back to normal; if a cat2 cane hits coastal jersey, things will take a long time to return to normal.