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Limited ed. beer alert

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If you need a good excuse to drive out to the far Inland Empire in the dog days of August (can you tell I was never a publicist?), the official release of Hangar 24's Humpty Bump is this Saturday. Pre-sales began this afternoon.

From the website (hangar24brewery.com):

> HUMPTY BUMP, the second release in our exclusive Barrel Roll Series, begins with a hand-crafted Belgian Strong Golden Ale that we brew with apple cider from the local Riley’s Los Rios Farms and caramelized sugar. This powerful brew is then aged for eight months in second-fill oak bourbon barrels with Brettanomyces to create a one-of-a-kind drinking experience. A complex bouquet of fruit, spice, honey, and vanilla, with a subtle “barnyard” aroma courtesy of the wild yeast. The yeast also imparts a unique funky counterpoint to the slightly sweet, apple flavors. This creamy, full-bodied bottle-conditioned ale will mature for up to five years—if you can wait that long.

9.5% ABV, 1355 bottles only. I think if I can combine this with a major dry-goods refill stop at the Loma Linda Market, and a couple Eureka burgers, I can justify the time and gas expense to the missus...

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  1. Keep hearing about Eureka burger (and that they're expanding all over to various Californian boondockies)... We are out in San Berdoo often, but goodness Redlands is another 10mi east..

    Thanks for the tip!

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      There's a new one (since April I think) in Claremont, if that's a bit less boondocky...