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Aug 24, 2011 10:24 PM

Hay Market, San Jose - Vegetarian banh mi sandwiches, "Willow Glen hot dog" - anyone try it yet?

There's a small article in the Metro Silicon Valley about Hay Market, a new restaurant opened up by Joe Cirone who worked w/ David Kinch at Sent Sovi.

His restaurant doesn't have gas or freezer space so he does his meats sous vide. Menu changes regularly.
Some instant favorites:
Vegetarian banh mi sandwiches
& Willow Glen hot dog w/ apricot relish
Duck meatloaf
Braised beef cheeks
Pepper-crusted hanger steak
BLT - bacon made by his dad

Anyone try it yet?

Hay Market
185 Lincoln Ave
San Jose
Willow Glen neighborhood

Sent Sovi Restaurant
14583 Big Basin Way, Saratoga, CA 95070

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    1. I've tried it a few times now, since it is a few blocks from my house. It is excellent! They are not afraid of flavor, which so many neighborhood eateries are! The veg banh mi is spicy, you can actually taste black pepper in the crust of the hanger steak. I went there for lunch on Tuesday and they had a prawn (with their heads on) and meatball dish, it was fantastic. The wine and beer list is funky in a fun way, with excellent prices, (I believe most are right at or a drop below retail). The atmosphere is casual, with communal tables and is a great addition to the South Bay.

      1. I tried it last Friday. It was "Day 23". No reservations taken - the place was bustling! We tried the charcuterie plate which was a nice selection of salami, had a few slices of brie, baguette, a fish cream of sort and a pate campagne. Delicious. Timing was off though - it came with our entree but they were nice enough to comp it. All wines by the glass were less than $10 bucks.

        For entrees we tried the dry aged pork chop with eggplant caviar and the hanger steak. Both were cooked perfectly and were flavorful. Smashed potatoes was to die for. The dessert of peach clafoutis didn't look refined on the plate but it was also very delicious. Service was casual and it was nice that Joe (chef/owner) chatted it up with everyone. It gave the entire restaurant a local/homegrown feel.

        Not everything was consistent though...but maybe they're still working out the kinks. Since it's community tables, you see what other people are eating. 3 other people ordered the hanger steak. Some came in a sizzling platter mine did not. Mine came with brocollini, others did not. Portions of pork chops were not consistent either.

        Other than that, I LOVE this place and am so EXCITED that San Jose has a restaurant like this... FINALLY!