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Aug 24, 2011 10:17 PM

Bacalhau Grill & Trade Rite Market, San Jose - Bacalao fritters, Feijoada, Bacalao tacos, Portuguese wines - Anyone try it yet?

I read in the Silicon Valley Metro about Bacalhau Grill. The neighborhood used to be called Little Portugal. This is a Portuguese restaurant & store that's one yr old. Restaurant specializes in bacalao.

Owner Luis Lourenco makes:
Bacalao fritters
Bacalao tacos $8.95
Feijoada $11.99 - Brazil's national dish
Alcatra $8.95 - Azorean-style roast beef w/ garlic, onions & Portuguese crushed peppers
Coelho Frito $11.99 - marinated & fried rabbit
Bife a Portuguesa $8.75 - a sandwich on papo seco bread w/ NY steak, garlic, cream sauce, egg & fries
Grilled bacalao
bacalao natas - casserole of bacalao, potatoes & olives
There's Portuguese pastries & Portuguese wine

Anyone try it yet?

Barcalhau Grill & Trade Rite Market
1555 Alum Rock Ave, SJ

Trade Rite Market
1555 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, CA 95116

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  1. Yum. Their Web site says, "serving the Portuguese and Brazilian community for over 60 years!"

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      I swung by last night on my way home from work. Wide variety, e.g. 8-10 different kinds of salt cod, maybe a dozen brands of piri-piri in various sizes up to gallon jars. Open until 9, 8 Sundays.

    2. Does the Bife a Portuguesa also go by the name prego, a sandwich I had in Sintra?

      1. there are other Portuguese/Azorean eats right on that street within a few blocks. when we were last in the Popular Bakery, the woman there made sure we knew they did things differently than the Azorean manner, since our previous experience was from a bakery with those origins up in Rohnert Park. Popular's natas were good. Also on that street is the Acoreana bakery, which as its name indicates, has Azorean origins -- have not visited. "Little Portugal" still has plenty of edible traces -- there was at least a couple of other cafes or restaurants right on Alum Rock, and we didn't cruise around the surrounding blocks.

        Popular Bakery
        1636 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, CA 95116

        1. Did the owner actually use the Italian spelling of dried salt cod (bacalao) on his menu, or was that the OP? Given that the name of the restaurant is Bacalhau (the Portuguese word for dried salt cod), I'm perplexed.

          1. I've been to Bacalhau Grill/Trade Rite Market a couple of times for lunch and shopping. I've ordered the fried mackerel (chicharros fritos) both times. It's the next best thing to homemade (especially without having to deal with your home smelling of fried mackerel days after). If you go there for lunch and order at the counter, you will find display plates of all the entrees. I went earlier this week with friends who had never tried Portuguese food and we were given sample tastings of a few of the items on the steam tray to help us decide. One friend ordered bacalhau com natas and the other order a pastéis de bacalhau sandwich (not a typical offering in Portugal). The said they really enjoyed it and want to return soon.

            It's important to remember that it's a market and not a full service restaurant. They have tables but you order at the counter. Also, sometimes you get whiffs of bacalhau and other funkiness while you're sitting there waiting for your food (they need to air that place out). Another annoyance that you have to tolerate is the tv which will be blaring through computer speakers while Portuguese music plays through other speakers in the background. I think if you go there with your expectations taken down a notch, you'll be better off. It's not going to be as good as in Portugal or homemade but it's quite satisfying for the most part.

            I haven't been to Azoreana or Popular since you can buy their baked goods (as well as Silva/Hiser Bakery and Hanford's) at BG/TRM. I'm going to try to make it to these two in the next few weeks.

            @ artychokeasana - you can pre-order queijadas de nata but you have to pay in advance. I noticed they also had boxes of the little ones from Silva/Hiser Bakery (Hayward) on the shelf. Silva's have a flakier crust but a bit of a lemon flavor to them.

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            1. re: scarmoza

              Yeah, the food comes from a counter at the back, like a taqueria in a Mexican grocery, and the dine-in seating is between the groceries and the wine section.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                They've set tables up all the way to (half of) the front entrance now. They probably have six times the amount of seating than the first time I went in. And they fill-up nearly all those tables during lunch hour. On Friday nights, they move the tables and make it into part of a dance floor with live music. If you "like" them on facebook, you'll get their daily menu posts and weekend entertainment plans.

                1. re: scarmoza

                  They also have more recent pics on facebook. Here's one of today's specials: fried rabbit (coelho frito)