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Aug 24, 2011 06:40 PM

New in Redwood City - Los Manguitos Neveria Y Paleteria

Driving down Middlefield Road earlier today (which at this point is even more of a challenge than usual as they are prepping to resurface the street) traffic was slowed because a lane was closed. This gave me more time to look around than I usually have - I noticed a new business (new to me anyway and as there's nothing on CH or Y _ _ _, I think it has just opened).

Los Manguitos Neveria & Paleteria, 3133 Middlefield Road, Redwood City

I couldn't stop and explore today, plus there's no parking because of the street resurfacing. So I'll wait a few days and check it out again. Love the idea that we have more choices than just the supermarket paletas!

The only result of a Google search was a Fictitious Business Statement filed back on 1/31/11 by Jose A. Alvarez for the business.

Has anyone else had a chance to check it out?

Los Manguitos Neveria y Paleteria
3133 Middlefield Rd, Redwood City, CA 94063

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  1. The street project is finished and I finally had a chance to stop and check out Los Manguitos. They have about 2 dozen flavors of paletas, at least a dozen flavors of ice cream and aguas frescas (4 flavors that day, jamaica, canteloupe, tamarindo, and horchata). I tried the coffee ice cream and thought it was pretty good. At $1.25 a scoop, it's a good deal.

    The ice creams are not labeled with what flavor they are but you can guess pretty well. I didn't want to take up the servers time asking a million questions but will try to get more info another time.

    One of the more unusual ice cream flavors is chongos - the word “chongos” means “curds”. It is made from milk and sugar and it is very well known in Mexico. It was supposedly invented by a nun in a convent who needed to salvage some milk that had gone sour and had begun to separate into curds and whey.

    I really wanted to try a paleta - will next time. Many interesting flavors.

    They've been open a couple of months according to the server. I believe she said their hours are 11 -9 every day.

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    1. re: RWCFoodie

      Thanks for the follow-up. Chongos Zamoranos (from Michoacan) is one of my favorite flavors.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        I tasted the chongos ice cream and thought it was delicious...

        Today I had a mango paleta in a chimoy flavored base. Lots of chopped mango. Very tasty and unusual (to me anyway). Here's a link to a wikipedia explanation of chimoy that I found very enlightening:

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          I wonder if you can get chongos zamoranos as a straight-up dessert anywhere in the Bay Area? I would travel a fair piece for that...

          1. re: grayelf

            Only seen it as an ice cream flavor... or as a dessert at our daughter's house!

            Did a little quick Googling and found this fascinating web site that gives explanations for paleta flavors - love it!


            1. re: RWCFoodie

              Nice link, but I beg to differ that chongos are like cottage cheese!

              1. re: grayelf

                Definitely not cottage cheese! Yucky comparison...

      2. Stopped at Los Manguitos today to try and satisfy my craving for a paleta de nuez from Paletas Betty in Chandler AZ... Not made with pecans as they are at Bettys, they are full of lots of big hunks of walnuts in a creamy base. This paleta was very tasty and will have to satisfy the craving until I'm in Arizona again. Los Manguitos' paletas are made with natural fruits and nuts.

        They also make all sorts of other goodies that defy translation (at least for me):
        Duros de cueritos (I think I've had this elsewhere and it includes strips of pickled pork skin.

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        1. re: RWCFoodie

          This is one of the many reasons I will defend RWC to the death. Every elementary school, it seems, has its own paleta man at pickup time. And each has a slightly different selection of wares (although 80 percent get their stuff from a place on Dumbarton off Middlefield). Many years ago when I was a wee lad, the fact the paleta men crossed ECR was notable. Then they cleared Hudson. (Hawes School has TWO paleta carts on most afternoons.) They've now made it to Valota Road and are heading for Upton.

          Tip: The pickled pork skins drenched in hot sauce from the cart at the Northstar Academy bridge are the bomb. Gotta be there at 2:50 sharp if you want the deliciousness.

          It's these kind of incremental things that only a townie like me would notice. Redwood City's alive. And it's getting more flavorful by the year.

          Sushi Monster

          1. re: Sushi Monster

            Oh Sushi Monster, have you indeed sampled the pickled pork skins drenched in hot sauce from the cart at the Northstar Academy bridge? Your secret is safe with me... (Thanks for the tip).

            Have you checked the cart in the parking lot at the Chavez Market at 3282 Middlefield Rd. Menlo Park City, CA 94025? I've passed it many times but haven't had time to stop. Will need to do that soon...

            After watching a YouTube video of how to make "TostiLocos", which were compared with Frito Pie but with the addition of cueritos aka pickled pork skin, chopped cucumbers, peanuts and a few other things plus hot sauce, now I want them! With a paleta for dessert.