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Aug 24, 2011 05:41 PM

Hummus--what else besides a dip?

I make hummus from canned chickpeas, and the normal ingredients, except I use a little chicken broth instead of olive oil. I like it garlicky and thick. A food processor makes it a breeze to make it. But I want to know if others use hummus creatively, as an ingredient in a dish, as a salad dressing, or a filling? I know you can add different ingredients to it, such as roasted red peppers, but I admit I don't. Do you have a killer hummus, or a way to use hummus that isn't typical? Please share.

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  1. I add sundried tomatoes and feta. The salad dressing idea sounds great.

    1. I love a sandwich with nice bread, a fairly thick layer of hummus and some crunchy lettuce, cucumbers and shredded carrots. Yum.

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        Yes, use hummus instead of mayonnaise....have also heard of it in tuna salad instead of mayo, haven't tried it yet though.

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          I always make tuna salad with hummus rather than mayo, as I can't stand mayo. I can't give you any proportions, but I add hummus to the tuna until it's just a little thicker than I would like, then mix in some fresh lemon juice, maybe a good shot of sriracha, and some chopped scallions. I like using the roasted red pepper hummus, but any kind would work.

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            thanks, rockycat...that sounds very delish!!!!

        2. re: CanadaGirl

          add some sprouts and avocado, a little vinaigrette... i'm thinking i need to make some hummus real soon! :)

        3. Someone posted this on another thread, but I can not remember which or who, but I made it skipping some minor things and I loved it. Pita with hummus, eggplant, egg, cucumber, tomatoes,onions, I added garlic...... I just got some more eggplant.

          1. Egg salad with a good few spoons of hummus in it is delicious; we also love it as a sandwich filling, with shredded cucumber and raita, stuffed into a good crusty roll or a pita.

            1. How about trying it with kebabs in place of raita?

              You can add fresh herbs to it such as basil. As Monavano does I add sundried tomatoes and feta or ricotta or even Balkan yogurt. I always use traditional sumac for a touch of puckery lemon-y flavour.

              You might like this Roasted Carrot Hummus...
              http://foodbloggaprintrecipes.blogspo.... Absolutely delicious, especially with homemade pita crisps.