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Aug 24, 2011 04:30 PM

Best farmers market corn?

Doing a little grilled corn fest for the crowd on Friday. I usually have my go-to corn guy but he wasn't at my market today, so I'm looking for a recommendation at the main market for Friday morning. Anyone especially consistently good?

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  1. What main market did you have in mind? The following farmers' markets have hours on Fridays:

    Afternoon: St. Thomas More parish in St. Paul
    Morning: White Bear Lake

    1. There is a market on Lexington in St. Paul Friday afternoon. I always look for white corn, as it is more sweet and more tender than yellow or bicolor.

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        That's the one at St. Thomas More parish, mentioned above.

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            Oh, no reason to Oops -- have to admit that I am never home from work in time to make it over to that one, so I can't add any good information about what's available from the vendors.

      2. Untiedts at Minneapolis Farmers Market. Best corn inn town. Tried'em all and this is #1.