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Rome/Trastevere - MARCO G

michaeldempsey Aug 24, 2011 03:59 PM

I see no reviews or even mention of this restaurant in Trastevere. Has anyone eaten here, and what can you tell us? All replies greatly appreciated.

  1. z
    zerlina Aug 24, 2011 06:43 PM

    Did you see the name on TripAdvisor, where Marco G occupies the enviable position of No. 3 restaurant in Rome? If I had to guess, I'd say that the owner is using TA, by fair means or foul, as a marketing tool. The first review dates from February of this year. How likely is it that such a new restaurant would rise to the No. 3 position on unaided merit? A great number of the reviews are by one-time posters, and the owner evidently follows the TA reviews assiduously, commenting on almost every one of them. Gushingly on the positive ones, rudely on the negative ones. Have you looked at the Web site? It's plastered with the TA logo.

    Restaurants that no one in Rome has ever heard of sometimes rocket into the top positions on TA. A few years ago, it was The Library. This year, it's Marco G. Go at your own peril.

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    1. re: zerlina
      michaeldempsey Aug 25, 2011 06:24 AM

      Thank you Zerlina. It did seem a little too good to be true. Your analysis is greatly appreciated and I think your suspicions are quite compelling ones.

    2. j
      Jpand01 Aug 25, 2011 12:01 AM

      We fell for this one... Saw the TA reviews and decided to try it last night. This was by far the worst meal we had in Italy over the past 10 days. Pasta dishes were just not at all good. The sauce for the tortellini pomodoro was sugary sweet and my fusilli with truffle sauce didn't even taste of truffle oil in the least...more like an instant mushroom gravy. Definite tourist trap IMO. only redeeming qualities were competent service and a decent, interesting and reasonably priced wine list.

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      1. re: Jpand01
        michaeldempsey Aug 25, 2011 06:29 AM

        This is the beauty of Chowhound. Sorry for your experience Jpan01 but I am sure am grateful for your man-on-the-street 1st hand real-time instant report on this place. I am fairly savvy about all things on the net but this one almost fooled me. Thanks to you and Zerlina(marketing tool indeed!)... I will pass on Marco G.

        1. re: michaeldempsey
          cristinab Aug 26, 2011 01:30 AM

          I had the same suspicion...Thanks for confirming it. Everytime I walk by there, it has a different name with different people and menu.

          1. re: cristinab
            Jpand01 Aug 26, 2011 02:07 AM

            Wow...just shows to take trip advisor reviews with a grain of salt. We ate at Hosteria Mercato last night on Campo di' Fiore and had one of the best meals we've had in Italy. Delicious scallopine di maiale and oricchiete secondi, and ricotta di buffalo primo. Of course, the trip advisor reviews make this place sound awful. Glad we didn't check before sitting down, because we would've chosen differently had we read the reviews.

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