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Aug 24, 2011 03:05 PM

Spending a week in the Dayton/Piqua area, Coldwater Cafe was great, what else?

Had a great Asian inspired duck salad and a nice IPA at Coldwater a few weeks ago, really appreciate the reco from a fellow chowhounder. Looking for similar in that area, staying in Troy and would love anything fun like that within a 20 minute drive, I love all cuisines and cost doesn't matter. Creative food and craft beer a big plus :)

Thanks a million!!!!

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  1. Caroline's, in Troy, has a good menu and does offer craft beers. Harrison's, across the street from Coldwater Cafe, is also excellent but I am not sure of their beer selection.
    Dayton is about 20 minutes from Troy. Just opened in the Oregon District (by downtown) is Lucky's Taproom, which has a good selection and is even vegan-friendly.

    1. East of Piqua in Urbana is a small grill called Grabill's.They make these little slider like burgers, maybe 4 seats in the whole place.I wouldn't necessarily say its worth driving from Piqua but if you get a little east of there its a fun place to say you had been and the burgers are actually pretty good.

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        I hate to be that guy, but it's Crabill's for those looking it up on the web. I'm not sure about evening hours but I know they're not open Sundays. With the limited seating they get packed and the drive-through line can be pretty long. It reminds me of Maid Rite in Greenville (and Piqua has one, too. Loose meat sandwiches.) in that regard. As for the sliders, they are the best I have had in Ohio. No pretense and "flair" like all the places that have jumped on the slider band wagon. They do them right.

      2. Great! So Caroline's, Harrison's, Lucky's Taproom, and Crabill's. Thanks guys! If you think of anything else, holler at me :)

        I saw some threads that had 3/4 year old posts, is there a consensus on the best sushi in the area? I'm a huge fan of omakase/sashimi (rolls are cool too but I like to believe myself a purist)