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Aug 24, 2011 02:32 PM

Take out crab resource between DC and the PA line?

The boss in my office is travelling (by car) to DC on Friday and he asked me to find a spot to pick up cooked crabs on the way home. I assume he will be travelling on back toward Baltimore on 695 to 83 north.

I found a reference to Chris's in Baltimore on another thread but from what little I could find doing a google search, it appears to be a restaurant and all the info was 2+ years old.

Anyone have a suggestion?

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  1. Gunnings is off i95 near bwi airport and route 100 and has good seafood and crabs and is easy to get to and from the highway

    1. Seaside carry out on Crain Hwy (Business Rt. 3) has excellent crabs - and from my understanding, they only serve Maryland crabs.

      1. Crab Galley of Bowie, 7410 Laurel Bowie Road in Bowie does good crabs and steamed seafood. Fairly reasonably priced.