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Aug 24, 2011 12:32 PM

Angeloni's Restaurant & Pizzeria - Caldwell, NJ

I tried this newly opened restaurant in Caldwell, right off of Bloomfield Ave. The owners made this an extremely nice restaurant, having once been a local newspapers office, I believe. Beautiful decor, the staff was very nice, and the pizza was thin crust and tasty. They only opened yesterday, so my review is only based on the plain pizza. I saw other dishes being brought out that looked very good. It is worth giving a try. Their website will be up shortly, or so Google told me!

The menu has it as

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  1. Has anyone in the Western Essex area tried this yet? We have tried it a few times and find it a nice addition to the Caldwell area.

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      I have been going here weekly, they are doing good business. My co-workers say they are packed nights and weekends, yet no chowhounders have tried it? I have turned quite a few co-workers on this this restaurant. Food and atmosphere are excellent. BYOB too!

    2. Just checked out their website and it looks promising. I love the fact that hey have two sizes for things, including most pastas. Have you had anything other than pizza?

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        We went for lunch today. Had the "thinny thin", garlic knots (to die for), and a cold antipasto (also to die for). I've also had sandwiches, eggplant rollatine, etc., all very good. We had a 6 pack, they put them on ice for you, open them, pour them, etc. Just a great place. Wish I still lived in Caldwell!

      2. Jethro,

        Is Anegloni's conducive for a Saturday night group casual dinner? Not looking for anything particularly fancy, but want more atmosphere than a pizzeria

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          Yes, it is not a fancy place, very casual. My co-workers and I love the setting of the place, above a pizzeria, not fancy, they did a nice job with it. People have stated it could be noisy, but we go for lunch so never had that problem. Get extra orders of garlic knots too!

        2. Angeloni's is hit or miss. There are certain peak times when they have people training; however, if the person taking your order (either on the phone or in person) knows what they are doing, the food is pretty spot-on. I have had two bad experiences and over a dozen good ones. If you are looking for good thin crust pizza and do not want to travel to Ah' Piz, then I recommend Angelonis