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Aug 24, 2011 12:04 PM

3 nights in Bear Mountain - Restaurant recommendations please!

Hi! My boyfriend and I will be staying at the Westin Bear Mountain for 3 and a half days. We're foodies and like a wide range of cuisines/foods. Any recommendations for lunch/dinners would be really appreciated!

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  1. For Victoria? Specifically @ Bear Mtn? Have you checked the Victoria boards to narrow down options?

    1. There isn't much to do on Bear Mountain unless you like golf. I stayed there for a few nights last spring and went into Victoria every night for dinner.

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        Thank you both. That's what I figured. I think we'll do our good eating in Vancouver and enjoy the nature outside.

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          I wouldn't plan on enjoying too much nature, as the hotel is on top of a small mountain that is completely developed with housing.

          If you haven't researched Victoria yet, here is a thread that might be useful:

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            I agree there is little of nature left on top of the mountain that is easily accessible. I spent a little time there visiting someone in the condo area. We also visited the main tourist area. Not too impressed.

            For things to visit in the area:

            Royal Roads University
            Formal rose, Japanese, English and Italian gardens. Huge grounds, the last Edwardian estate property. If you want wilderness ask for directions to the cheese house. I also consider the Japanese garden better than Buchartch's.

            Sook area
            You are halfway to Sook from Victoria. I you have a car there are a number of options in the are for wilderness.

            Goldstream Park
            Provincial park with a salmon steam that attracts bald eagles. In a very narrow valley. Interpretative centers and walking trails.

            These are my ideas. The Park and the University are the closest. I have problems with food in the area as I have family in the area and don't get to choose as i might have when I was traveling for work.

            I do like Vancouver Island, but was born and raised in Vancouver and have never been able to leave.

            Royal Roads Cafe
            , Victoria, BC V8W, CA

            1. re: dapperdon

              Thanks so much everyone! We had a great time on Vancouver Island. Some highlights -

              Canoe Brew Pub: This was our first stop in Victoria. They had great outdoor space and brew their own beer. Food was nothing to swoon about but it was still great to sit outside and enjoy some rays

              Cafe Brio: Had dinner there the second night. The two of us went for the "family meal" which was incredible value for $40. 6 great dishes that were served family style with much of the food locally harvested. Service was awesome too.

              Brasserie L'Ecole: This was our last dinner in Victoria. Decadent meal of pork belly, steak, beek cheeks, chicken liver pate. Yum! I'd read some stuff about their service being subpar before but we found our waitress very friendly.

              Gold stream Provincial Park: We thought this park was breathtakingly pretty. Would have loved to spend some time camping there if we'd had more time

              Oldfield Road and Elk Lake: We stopped by some farms and picked berries and also sampled some baked goods. The lake was very pretty but it was near a freeway and I'm sure there are prettier places nearby.

              Gowland Todd Park: We went hiking here. Great views and it was good for a half day hike. There were lots of trails that could have lasted much longer.

              I nearly forgot. We also had a mid afternoon beer and snack at Bard and Banker in Victoria. Menu was standard pub fare but the pulled pork bites we had were very tasty and I wouldn't have minded if we'd gone back to sample some more food there if we had more time.

              Cafe Brio
              944 Fort St, Victoria, BC V8V3K2, CA

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