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Aug 24, 2011 11:57 AM

Burgundy Lion for Breakfast?

Anyone have a breakfast review of Burgundy Lion? Thanks

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  1. Yes - used to love them, now I will only go if coerced. The quality has gone downhill a lot - I don't know if their procedures changed, but I feel like maybe a year ago the breakfasts were freshly made to order, now I feel like they have have precooked tubs of bacon and sausages and whatever and they just heat it up when they plate it. My boyfriend still likes it, for the big English breakfast (and because he finds the English breakfast at Lawrence much too salty) so I have eaten there relatively recently. I've had the French toast style crumpets (nice, but not as good as the crumpets at Lawrence) with sausages (which I had to order as well done, as they were very underdone on arrival) and the veggie omelette, which was very, very average (I can't remember exactly what it was meant to be filled with but the filling was not pieces of fresh vegetables, it was instead seemingly a paste or pesto style preparation of vegetables. It made me think they had just blended some leftover veggies together, or something like that, to make things easier)

    They make a good Bloody Caesar though!

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      Too bad. Do you have another suggestion in the neighborhood around the same price range?

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          Skip Toi Moi on Notre-Damne... it's absolutely disgusting!

          I like Quoi De N’oeuf a few buildings over. They cook up some fantastic omelets and serve them still in the pan.

          I'll never eat the Toi Moi in St-Henri again though; totally gross!

    2. Unfortunately my breakfast expeience there was awful. Service started off on a negative note with at least 10 waitstaff at the bar. As the only people there we took a table for 4. Once we were noticed, we were told to move to a table for two. When we left an hour and a half later the place was still not full.
      The kippers were served cold. This I have never seen in A Brithish household, and was the ultimate dealbreak for my dining companion.
      Food was served cold, toast was forgetten, coffee not refilled...We were so looking forward to our full english breakfast.

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        Thanks all. Will consider the other suggestions given.