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Aug 24, 2011 11:31 AM

Ground Beef

I inquired about this on another thread but am hoping for more response posting it separately. I have been reading a lot of bad things about non-kosher ground beef where the producers are using trimmings that were previously inedible and washing them in an ammonia solution before grinding them. Is there something about kosher ground beef that would prohibit this practice?

Here's an example

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  1. First of all, that article is as dumbed-down a version of reality as is possible. It conflates a number of controversial topics into one narrative. The "pink slime" is a reference to a mechanically separated chicken story that was spread around a while ago. It was made in reference to McDonald's chicken nuggets which are, in fact, all-white-meat chicken that's NOT mechanically separated. Not to say that such mechanically-separated chicken/meat products aren't regularly consumed (hot dogs are an example).

    As for adding ammonium hydroxide, it sounds yucky but ammonium hydroxide is present in most animals as well as in your own body. It's not harmful in the amounts used in commercial processing AND it kills bacteria which are harmful.

    As for the original question, there's nothing prohibiting its use in Kosher food prep but if it IS used it would be at the large processing plant level. If you buy Kosher meat from a Kosher butcher it's more often than not ground on premises and would not be treated.

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      Which is true of non-kosher meat too. The solution to this has everything to do with a reliable butcher you trust, and nothing to do with kashrut.