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Aug 24, 2011 10:31 AM

Crabs this weekend?!?!

heading down fri to catch yanks o's game (hurricane permitting) and this being the 2nd time ive gone down this season for the same game (may game was rained out saturdays game is the make up) i want to get awesome crabs! last time we went to obricki's food was good service was horrendous, but anyway im gonna be staying close to the bwi airport so anything over there for great crabs is what id like some info on... gonna b driving all day friday so i wanna stay close to hotel area, also last time we were a little confused on hot to order the crabs we actually got legs and after we saw another table get whole crabs we inquired about it, our server was so far in the weeds i was gonna call the marines to get her out

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    1. Gunnings is close to the airport.

      You want steamed blue crabs. Gunnings does a good job.

      1. Second Gunnings seafood. Near bwi. Usually you buy crabs by the dozen and they range in size from medium to jumbo. When we eat crabs we usually get pitchers of beer, cups of crab soup, some steamed spiced shrimp, French fries and Cole slaw and of course the steamed crabs which are the highlight. Make sure that you ask them to demonstrate how to properly open and and clean a crab so that you don't waste a lot of expensive crabmeat . Finally finish dinner with Gunnings iconic chocolate eclairs. May also want to consider the Gunnings club sandwich, a triple decker on toasted rye which is a crab cake, jumbo shrimp salad and a BLT. Killer. Get carryout and bring it to the game.