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Aug 24, 2011 10:15 AM

Grilled meatloaf?

I got the idea to grill a whole meatloaf but haven't found guidance for what I have in mind. Most recipes I find are wrapped in foil first - no thanks, not what I'm after. Then I was advised to put it in a loaf and smoke it. But I don't like smoked food, as the flavor doesn't sit well with me, and I prefer a free-form meatloaf that has more crunchy edges. So, can I just make a good meatloaf and throw it on the grill? So I have to put it on a sheet of something? That seems to ruin the whole effect. Thanks!

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  1. I have not done this but here are my thoughts: if you just put it on the grill it will char before it cooks through plus it might sag between the bars and get stuck (that happened to me once when I put it on a cake rack over a sheet pan in an effort to let the fat drip out). So if it were me, I think I would start it out well-wrapped in foil and once it had mostly cooked through, take the foil off (or maybe just peel it back) and get the outside crisped up. I would really, really like to hear what you do end up doing and how it works out!!

    1. There is a local restaurant that bakes their meatloaf, but then they cut it into thick, (say 1.5" - 2" slices) and grill it before serving with a separate spicy sauce.

      It was grilled and delicious and something I intend to try before too long.


      1. Grill slices once it's baked. Much better than grilling raw.

        1. I'm in the "bake it, slice it, grill it" camp. Trying to grill a loaf of raw meat and achieve a final result that is fit to serve would be foolhardy.

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            This will work only if you give up the idea of a loaf proper and instead make it an even, thick hamburger patty - maybe 3" tops and grill it over indirect heat. a regular loaf will be raw on the middle and charred on the outside. One way around might to be to pre-bake it in a foil lined loaf pan till roughly half-done, and then finish it on the grill without the foil, but don't quote me.

          2. there are sheets with slits in them made for grills.......