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Aug 24, 2011 09:55 AM

Another new find

We had a lovely dinner this weekend at Fare, located at 2028 Fairmount Avenue.

It is very attractive - best looking place in the neighborhood. And the food was delicious!

The menu is interesting and creative, and the execution matches.

I had the soft-shell crab appetizer, which was a special, and it was one of the best preparations I've ever had. Our entrees, among the four of us, were steak, pork, and chicken - all excellent.

It was difficult making choices; everything was enticing. You can view the menu online and see what I mean. A friend told me she had the crabcake with avocado and it was wonderful.

Prices are moderate.

Only negatives, for us: no bread served, and the music was too loud. The noise level wasn't terrible, but we would have liked a bit less

This is definitely a return-to place.

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  1. Thanks Sylvia. Your recommendations are always good. Have to try Fare. How long have they been open? Also,are they byob?

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    1. re: JanR

      Yes, thanks for the review, Sylvia. From what you write, we will make it there way on the
      early side, to cut down on the noise, and ask for bread, if that's what it takes. I did like the menu choices.

      1. re: JanR

        Jan, they opened in the spring - I'm not sure just when.
        They are not byob.
        If you get there, report back!

        Bashful, we asked for bread but they didn't seem to have any. They brought us pita triangles with a wonderful dip. I'm probably better off without the bread. The portion sizes were generous; no one left hungry.

      2. Interesting! I live in the area and walk by all the time, but I've never really been enticed to enter! I hadn't seen any reviews yet, either, so maybe I will consider it now. Thanks!

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        1. re: nutmeg0287

          Adam Erace reviewed it back in July. Sounds like it improved since then:

          1. re: barryg

            Ouch. Yea, maybe I'll wait for some more rave reviews to balance that one out. Personally I've always thought the local, green, etc theme was overdone there as well, which is why I've stayed away.

            In other news, I have to say though, that this might be my favorite line EVER: "but dish by dish, the restaurant revealed itself to be as sensible and ascetic as a JCPenney pantsuit."

            1. re: nutmeg0287

              Haha yea, Adam's writing is great.

            2. re: barryg

              It certainly has improved - though we weren't there when it first opened.
              We live in the neighborhood and waited to try it. There are often snags when a place is new.
              Recently I heard raves from trustworthy sources.
              I don't know if they changed chefs, styles, or what, but what the four of us had for dinner was far from what was described in that review.
              Everything had plenty of seasoning and was delicious.
              One friend, who loved the place, did not like the artichoke preparation so we stayed away from that.
              We'll be going there again in the future and I'll report back.

          2. Five of us had dinner here tonight, and we all enjoyed it thoroughly.
            I had the appetizer of grilled cauliflower, chickpeas, cucumber in a yogurt dill sauce - I loved it. Then I had the crabcakes with avocado - delicious.
            One friend had the salad of grapefruit, avocado, greens, some kind of cheese - he loved it.
            My husband enjoyed the onion soup with grilled cheese on the side.
            Entrees - salmon, steak, bison burger, the chicken special - made everyone happy.
            Desserts are mostly not very sweet. Makes you feel healthy!
            The noise level was better tonight. They had turned up the music for awhile, but then someone must have complained and they turned it down.
            So nice to have this place in our neighborhood. There are many restaurants in the Fairmount area, but none that we love (though Trio is decent.)

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            1. re: sylviag

              sylviag--There was a coupon today on Living Social for Trio.

              1. re: stillnotdon

                Thanks. I looked, but it's the wrong Trio.
                The one near us is a Thai/French place on Brown Street around 27th.
                It was good of you to let me know.