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Aug 24, 2011 08:11 AM

Weekend breakfast/brunch in Liberty Village?

Any recs for a great (or heck, even just good) breakfast/brunch on a Saturday in the vicinity of King and Atlantic? So far, I'm eyeing:

- Mildred's Temple Kitchen
- Liberty Bistro
- The cafe at the Drake

Thoughts on the above? Any other likely spots that I'm missing?

Mildred's Temple Kitchen
85 Hanna Avenue, Toronto, ON M6K 3S3, CA

Liberty Bistro
25 Liberty St, Toronto, ON M6K1A6, CA

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  1. I've been to MTK four times now and each time it has been a total let down. It is a shame b/c I loved the old location so much.

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    1. re: JennaBean

      Darn, that's too bad. I also loved the old spot, but haven't heard much good about MTK... sad. OK, that's out then.

    2. Does anyone know if Williams Landing, the new place in Liberty Village, serves breaksfast/brunch? Enjoyed a drink on their patio soon after they opened but have not tried the food.

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      1. re: sman

        Just called them (and what is it with web sites without business hours? so. fricking. annoying.). They are open at 9am on weekends for brunch.

        Thanks for the tip, I may check them out this weekend -- their patio looks huge.

        1. re: TorontoJo

          Did you end up at Williams Landing? Saturday was a great day for the patio!

          1. re: sman

            Actually, no we ended up at the Drake. We got an early start and it was still cool-ish at that time of the morning, so we decided that indoors was more appealing. We figured we'd save the patio at William's Landing for another day. Breakfast at the Drake was most excellent, though. I had the fried chicken and waffle and looooooved it.

        2. Liberty Belle Bistro. Big difference from Liberty Bistro.

          Liberty Bistro
          25 Liberty St, Toronto, ON M6K1A6, CA

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          1. re: iMarilyn

            Yeah, I considered them, but they don't open until 11, and I was hoping for something earlier. The crepe does sound good, though.

          2. How about School? A little pricey but good.