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Aug 24, 2011 07:35 AM

Toronto Underground Market - starting in September

The previous thread on this was here:
It was locked by mods until details about the first event were unveiled.

I just read on Blogto that the first day will be September 24th. There will be a $5 access fee.

Blogto write-up:

Toronto Underground website (you can buy the tickets online too):


Says there will be limited number of tickets available the day of for $10.

Not sure if it will be worth going or not. I guess if I am free that day it is worth the $5 risk to check it out.

Basic details :

Location - Evergreen Brickworks
Time - 6pm to 11pm
Date - Saturday September 24, 2011
Cost - entrance - $5 in advance, $10 at door (if available
)food sampling $2 to $8 each.

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  1. Wonder how much vendors paid? As long as it's inspected and supervised for food safety compliance, what's wrong with a culinary Etsy? At worst, it just might not be that great.

    1. I checked out the online purchase of tickets - it's $5.00 dollars per ticket plus a $2.00 service fee, taxes included, so it's really $7.00 per head if you buy tickets online.

      1. Details are sparse, but at $7, I guess you don't lose much except some time if it's a complete wash.

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        1. re: Pincus

          trust me - it ain't gonna be a wash. if executed properly - and I'm fully confident that it will be - this will be better than the last food truck toronto event.

          first, you have control over the # of people attending. so they won't run out of food.
          second, there are lots of vendors. so line-ups shouldn't be an issue.
          third, its a big space. so unless they oversell, it won't be insanely packed.

          all vendors had to apply to be considered. their food was sampled. so no surprises.

          all signs point to it being incredibly awesome. we bought our tickets at 9 AM.

          1. re: atomeyes

            Vendors will still run out of food, not every single person walking thru the door will buy one product from each vendor. It's virtually impossible. You also can't expect all these small vendors to have enough food to feed everyone, if they did they would go home with an incredible amount of waste and end up losing vast sums of money.

            There is absolutely no way to control this, none, and anyone who thinks they can is delusional. The only way would be for only one vendor to be there, with 1 product, that everyone had to buy.

            So expect line ups, expect delays, expect sell outs of food, expect bad food, expect awesome food... just don't be surprised. These events are harder than the average person realizes to put together as a site (Brick Works) and harder on the new vendor who has no idea what they are doing.

            1. re: BusterRhino

              Sadly I have to agee with BusterRhino - logstical nightmare for vendors and frustrating for diners, although I love the concept, I won't queue up for food unless I'm forced to as a consequence of being incarcerated.

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