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Aug 24, 2011 07:13 AM

L'Uva in Durham Now Open

L'Uva the small Italian based eatery by Jim Anile (Revolution and previously Il Palio) is now open in ATC. They do lunch and dinner, but do not take reservations which may or may not be unfortunate for those wanting to dine pre theatre. Has anyone been yet or going soon? I've enjoyed his other places.

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  1. Those two places (Revolution and Il Palio) so underwhelmed me that I can't get even a tiny bit excited about this place. Someone go, give a rave report and I'll definitely rethink this. I love having new places to try.

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      Really? Took some Yankees to Revolution and they were really amazed. I've only been twice and thought positively of both times. My only experience at Il Palio was when they use to offer the Sunday Mimosa Brunches adn the food was good. I've not been since Adam Rose took over about 3 years ago.

      1. re: burgeoningfoodie

        My experience with Il Palio was similar - it was a brunch. And it felt like being in a Holiday Inn. The food was sort of just tossed out there: seemed commercial, no thought to it. Unimpressive. Then again, not really fair to judge a place by its brunch, but I would say that I've never had a truly dull brunch at a place that also has great dinners. And this was a truly dull brunch. Revolution is a really good looking place, and some of the things on the menu we tried were tasty, others seemed to me to be reaching beyond the chef's grasp. It seemed like style over substance. The room definitely gives a very positive impression, the food, eh. I'd go there for a drink in a minute, but would probably want to find someplace else to eat.

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          I'm not faulting you or anything as I've had the same types of experiences with other places that people swoon over like 18 Seaboard for me was just not good fish was dry and overcooked, but it could have been any number of factors. I think this place is going to be a little more focused given the space and the lack of reservations. Italian done by an italian.

          18 Seaboard
          18 Seaboard, Raleigh, NC 27604

    2. Revolution doesn't get a lot of love on Chowhound, but it remains one of my favorite restaurants in Durham. The Ahi Poke Tuna and the Mussels are two of the best dishes that you will find anywhere in the Triangle. In fact, just about all of their small plates are good, and I think anyone who likes making a meal of small plates would find the food to be really good. And I love the atmosphere, though they seem to have some problems with controlling the temperature in the room. I concede that other dishes in the menu, particularly the large plates, can be inconsistent. So we generally order what we knew is excellent, and we're very happy with that. Also, they have some of the best bread you'll find in a restaurant, which is a crucial thing for me.

      They also have great cocktails (I'm talking about you, Pomegranate Lychee Martini). When I eat at Revolution, we sit at the bar, order lots of interesting cocktails, and get a bunch of small plates. We rarely sit at a table and order a standard dinner.

      Il Palio was apparently good when Anile was there, but I didn't ever eat there until after he left, and the meal that I did have there was completely forgettable.

      I am excited about L'Uva, and I expect it to be god. I didn't know it had opened. I'll check it out and file a report when I get a chance.

      1. We had the tasting menu at Il Palio when he was there and it was excellent. Haven't made it to Revolution, still.

        The Durham Mag sneak peek says that L'uva has porchetta on guglehupf rolls. That's enough to get me in the door.

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          They do. Had a small taste yesterday thanks to my wife. The sample that I had was good but he meat could use more flavor and I'm not sure why everyone is sourcing from guglhupf when there are Italian stores in the area (i.e. Capri Flavors) and some one has to also be making bread.. Anyways, just a grumble though I have nothing against guglhupf.

          , Durham, NC

        2. We made it down to Durham today for lunch at L'Uva and I am glad to report it was wonderful. I think Jim Anile is a genius when it comes to fish and the roasted grouper was as good as any fish dish we've had anywhere. Plating looked as good as the fish tasted. Pasta with sausage was almost as good. And nutella gelato surrounded by finely chopped hazelnuts is a tasty dessert. My only complaint with lunch has to do with bread. They charge for bread and it looks impressive, with roasted garlic and olive oil and pesto. Had our waiter told us about it, we certainly would have ordered it. But we didn't know until one of the tables near us got it. It seems pretty special and worth the extra couple of bucks. Scallop salad looked grand as it passed our table and I'm sorry I didn't order it. Next time. And there definitely will be a next time. I'm definitely whelmed.

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            The rave review I've been waiting for. We'll try to get there soon. Thanks yahooer.

            1. re: yahooer

              Glad that there is a report. Though he isn't the chef I'm sure he developed the menu. Two things that the concept has going for it compared to Revolution is that it is concentrated on a certain region of cooking and the success that Anile has had with Italian cuisine in the past. Unfortunately, they do not take reservation and so if things start getting crazy there finding a seat may be hard. Hopefully, I can make a stop there before a show at DPAC.

              1. re: burgeoningfoodie

                I somehow missed which region. Which one is it?

                1. re: LulusMom

                  Sorry region wasn't what I meant, but as oppose to doing a little bit of everything tough I guess Revolution is continental. He was known, I thought, for his Italian food that he provided at Il Palio.

                  1. re: burgeoningfoodie

                    Oh, ok. I thought maybe you meant a specific region, which could make a big difference in what sorts of foods they serve (you know the drill - butter in some parts, olive oil in others, even lard in some of the north-eastern parts, etc.).

                2. re: burgeoningfoodie

                  You're right, foodie. Jim isn't the chef although he was there at lunchtime when we were there and I am easily confused. Sorry about that.

              2. Great to hear there's a good new place in ATC - though tearing the husband away from Tyler's and their beer will be a challenge :)