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recent experience with Rt 7 grill in Great Barrington?

Should have framed title as question.

We are considering this restaurant due to mentions here and by friends but Yelp reviews are uniformally pretty awful.

What do you Hounds think? It's a hike for us and we could stick with La Fogata ( which is closer and which we know and love) before a show next weekend, but had hoped for a new experience. Help, please!!!

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  1. My opinion - overall favorable.

    The BBQ is not the best ever but is very good. They have a newish chef, since then some of the things I liked are no longer on the menu but some of the other items have improved in quality. They have had some really tasty non-BBQ specials and appetizers. Nice selection of beers and wines. Nice atmosphere.

    My biggest problem is I think it's kind of expensive for what it is, good BBQ as you know does not have to cost a lot. I don't really agree with any of the Yelp reviews which seem to attract the set of people who really love or really hate the place, as usual the truth is in between.

    1. I wish I could help more, but haven't been there in a while. My first and only experience was not so great. It's a haul from where I live, so have been hesitant to return. The night we ate there the BBQ was uniformly bad--not fresh, very dried out. I admit to being really picky, especially about beef BBQ (am a one time Texan), but the pork dishes at the table were poor too.
      The place was totally understaffed that night, so we forgave the service, but the only good, actually memorable, dish was the thinly sliced fried onions, which were great.
      If you choose to go, please let us know what you think.

      1. Hi,
        I went last summer and loved it, and returned this past week while in town for Tanglewood. I have to say, I wish all I had was that distant fond memory since it was not so great this time around. First of all, I could have sworn that they had sandwiches on the lunch menu last summer, and they do not have any sandwiches listed on the lunch menu this year. This is NOT what is represented on the website. Now that I look at the website, we were definitely given the dinner menu at lunchtime, which means that we were looking at prices for LUNCH in the high teens and twenties! The lunch menu on their website lists sandwiches from $5.50 to $12, while the waitress made it seem like she was doing us a favor by giving us a bun with the small dinner portion at $15 (to be fair, each meal came with 2 sides, and according to the lunch menu on the website, the lunch portions don't). Wow, now that I realize this, I'm pretty annoyed. Anyway, the food was okay. I remember the burger being great last year but I went for the pulled pork and it was fine. Not bad, not great. The mac and cheese was excellent, but the baked beans had a strange flavor. My friends liked their pulled chicken and brisket, but I thought the brisket was dry and not very flavorful. With so many interesting restaurants in the area, I can't say I'd hurry back, and it pains me to say that since I love their emphasis on local products.

        1. I've been there twice, last summer and this past May, and had the pork ribs both times. The first time I found them quite fatty and didn't love the place, but the second time the ribs were terrific, as were the sides, though I found the collards too vinegary. I do plan to return.

          1. We ate there last Fall.
            The bar-b-que was OK but what really stood out was the bourbon lemonade.
            They take about 20-30 lemons and take the skins off them and put them into one of those iced tea dispensers with a spigot on the bottom.
            They then add enough bourbon to cover all the skinned lemons and they let it sit and sit until it really ferments.
            They also add a bit of sugar.
            Voila';the best summer quencher we've had in a while.
            They shared the recipie readily and we devoured some good bar-b-que while we were there

            1. High price, medium quality. I live here and I don't think it's worth the drive for me.

              1. Jeez, I think we'll give it a pass and go to La Fogata. We'll let you know. Thanks.

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                  Here's another suggestion in the Pitt! Try the Cuban sandwich at Mission Tapas Bar on North Street. I've said great things about Mission for a while, and eat there regularly. But stopped in after working the other night, and just had a glass of wine and the sandwich. Not a traditional Cuban pressed sandwich, this was on a huge chunk of baguette. It was stuffed with their 3 hour pulled pork, was held together with some melted Mahon cheese, and dressed with a little pickled fennel. Am not a fennel fan, but this sandwich worked. Had to immediately ask for another napkin as it was so tender and drippy. Came with a little side of peppery greens, and all that for $9. It was great, and will become one of the standards we eat there for as long as they keep it on the menu.

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                    Thanks for the suggestion. Might try Mission Tapas but we are not pulled pork OR fennel fans, so can you suggest another dish, please?

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                      When we were there some weeks ago for lunch there were some terrific tapas. Chef makes a different Spanish tortilla every day --- unusual! And his patatas bravas, which I usually don't like, were out of this world.
                      Wait till after Irene before you drive over the mountain, though, eh???

                      1. re: BerkshireTsarina

                        Thanks, Tsarina. Here we are on the eastern slope of the Berkshires, which is where rain will supposedly be 12". on a dirt road. So no driving anyhwhere for awhile, maybe.

                        Tapas sound interesting, thnaks.

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                          We're in Northampton, hunkered down and prepared to eat hurricane fare:
                          Be safe up there, and I remind you what I'm reminding myself while we wait, On Monday the sun will be shining!

                          1. re: BerkshireTsarina

                            nice post. The sun shining Monday will be wonderful, especially if we still have a road!

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                        I've rarely had anything I didn't like at Mission. Love the spicy shrimp, the empanadas are excellent (fillings vary), and am a fan of their grilled Caesar salad -- it's semi deconstructed, though I liked it better when it had shaved pecorino rather than the grated cheese it was served with last time I ordered it.
                        They also often have interesting specials. The only thing I've had there that didn't hit its mark was the house cured salmon. And I agree, as I often do, with the Tsarina that the tortilla (a cold, quiche like torta) of the day is often great, and what a deal.
                        They now serve 3 different meal size paellas, but haven't tried.
                        Stay dry, and enjoy some other day!

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                          We still have a road. I think we will try this on friday. Thanks all!

                          1. re: magiesmom

                            we had an early dinner tonight and especially liked the scallops and the grilled caesar ( really good white anchovies). We will return. thanks.

                            1. re: magiesmom

                              Glad you enjoyed your meal. I've been trying to find a source for those white anchovy filets. They don't taste canned, and they're the first anchovies I've really enjoyed!

                              1. re: mjoyous

                                Glad you both came through the storm in good fettle!
                                And glad that Mission Tapas was a hit. Next time Frank goes for a hair cut, we'll have lunch next door (a bonus)!
                                Joyous, I have a dim memory of seeing white anchovy filets at Whole Foods. Next time we go, i'll check it out.

                                  1. re: magiesmom

                                    Thanks Magiesmom and Tsarina! Will be at Whole Foods tomorrow, but didn't find them last time I looked. I haven't looked at Nejaimes, guess that will be my next stop.