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Aug 24, 2011 05:05 AM

Food & Drinks for Bridal Party Meet & Greet

So my best friend and Maid of Honor had a great idea that we should have a Meet & Greet evening with the ladies in my Bridal Party so everyone can get to know each other and have a good time before all the crazy planning starts.
I am looking for a great restaurant where we can get together and have great food and drinks together. Because some of them will be meeting for the first time I prefer something with a fairly low-volumed atmosphere - No crazy music or loud crowds so we don't have to scream over it to talk. I would also prefer somewhere that has great drinks for a group of females of all ages -- perhaps martinis?!?

Does anyone have any great ideas for restaurants in Toronto where we can do this?

Please let me know and thank you for your input (in advance).

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  1. Neighbourhood? Budget? Night of the week?

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    1. re: iMarilyn

      How about Beast on Tecumseth? I love their food, and they have interesting sharing plates. It's not too noisy (or crowded) when I have been and their patio feels homey (because it's a house in a residential street).

      1. re: ukers

        I second Beast. Go for their Beast 120, essentially their happy 2 hours. It's a great deal for food and drink.

    2. Lacking some key details I will just toss out some ideas of places that I think fit the bill.

      Sidecar on College. Great patio. Prix Fixe menu option Sunday to Wed inclusive I believe and they are known for their drinks. Moderate price point.

      Parkette on Queen West. Small stylish casual Italian places with many choices to please a crowd good location if you want to head out for more drinks after. Moderate price point.

      If you want to do more the wine and cheese things I love Caren's Wine Bar. Again great patio, big enough menu to please many. Slightly more expensive then the other two options.

      If you provide more specific details you're likely to get better responses from other hounds.

      874 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1G3, CA

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      1. re: JennaBean

        Downtown neighbourhood. Looking to spend $50 approx per person on a Saturday/Sunday. There will only be 7 of us so we don't need anything too over the top. Just a place to get some good eats and good martinis or drinks. I heard that Fire on the East Side is a great place to fit this bill. Anyone been there?

        1. re: jadednostalgia

          I second JennaBean's suggestions of Sidecar and Caren's Wine Bar. Both have lovely back patios, good food, good drinks. Caren's may feel more special than Sidecar.

          1. re: jadednostalgia

            Fire on the East Side is fun. The food is great, they have drink specials, it used to have some of the cutest waiters I've ever seen! I have nothing but fond memories, and am sad I don't get to visit as often as when I lived in the neighbourhood.