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Jake's Wayback Burgers, arriving in W. Hartford, CT

Hello people! I was excited to see a sign up in West Hartford announcing the pending arrival of Jake's Wayback Burgers. I've perused the menu (looks like 5 guys with the addition of shakes, turkey burgers and veggie burgers). 5 guys is one of the few places where I actually get a beef burger to eat. I just dig 'em. I'm excited though that Jake's has a turkey and veggie burger.

So, has anyone been to one of these? They seem to be peppering our fine state (popping up in Avon soon too). Once complete, Jakes will be the 4th burger joint in town (almost as many Dunkin Donuts and CVS stores!).

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  1. I tried the Jake's in Stratford and was very disappointed. Burgers were okay...fries were terrible - just frozen, "commercial" tasting fries. They have home made chips, but I did not try them, and I stay away from milkshakes.
    For roughly the same dollars, 5 Guys is vastly superior (and I am not a big 5 Guys fan), and at the very least, 5 Guys fries are as good as it gets!

    1. +1 on the major disappointment with Wayback Stratford- except I didn't even think the burgers were "okay"- the one I tried was tiny, dry and tasteless, fries were ordinary at best. 5 Guys is better, and a better value.

      The milkshake was nothing to write home about either, but that is the one gripe I have with 5 Guys- how can a place like this NOT offer a shake? I guess better not to offer than to do it poorly, though.

      1. You guys! You never steer me wrong! All of your comments are duly noted and they will keep me from hitting this place. Bummer about the milkshakes though...they sounded good.

        1. Where are they gonna be located? I'll probably try it at least once out of curiosity.

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            NE corner of South Main and New Britain Ave.

            I tried the East Windsor location twice- not going back

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              Good grief, I grew up on South Main between New Britain Ave and Elmfield. Still have family there, so I'm sure I'll try it before too long.

              I assume it's going in the old Shoe Town side, not IHOP, unless that Indian place already closed?

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                We have been to Jake's in Meriden and thought it was pretty good. I posted the following on yelp:

                Jake's opened at the end of last year and I had a groupon-type coupon from a local newspaper so we decided to give it a try for lunch on a Saturday. The restaurant was not all that busy, but because the burgers are cooked to order it takes a good 10 minutes or more from the time you order to when they are ready. You order and pick-up at the counter.
                I asked the size of the patties and was told each is approximately 3.3 ounces so we each ordered the Jake Cheeseburger (2 patties). You may customize your burger by adding any of a wide variety of free toppings. My wife chose lettuce and tomato while I opted for ketchup, onions and pickle. We also ordered a side of their in-house made potato chips which were very good, but unsalted.
                The hamburgers patties are taken from the refrigerator and flattened out on the grill. The meat to bun ratio is good and our burgers were uniformly juicy. The bun was not grilled, but was very fresh. We each agreed we could have gotten away with a single patty.

                I subsequently returned alone and tried a single patty and was disappointed. It was small in comparison to the roll and dry. On a positive note - I ordered a chocolate and banana shake which was very good.

          2. I hit the reply button too soon. Here a few additional photos:

            1. Jake's is what it is...a decent alternative to being "forced" to eat at McDonald's if your kids are jonesing for such a meal. And I would eat at Jake's over 5 Guys just so I wouldn't have to see all the extra, peanut oil doused fries going to waste. And nobody beats Super-Duper Weenie's fries anyway.

              1. Would that 5 Guys was peppering the state. Been to Jake's in Rocky Hill 3 or 4 times. It is a clear rip off of 5 Guys business model but fails miserably. IMHO, avoid Jake's at all costs. As to LorenV, I don't suffer from guilt about my lifestyle, I'd rather leave an order of great tasting 5 Guys fries 1/2 eaten then suffer through Jake's frozen garbage.

                1. Another Burger outlet in West Hartford ??

                  on Farmington Ave between Grants and the old Bennetts sign in the window says Burgerfication in progress ???

                  Farmington Ave Restaurant
                  960 Farmington Ave, Berlin, CT 06037

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                    Google says it might be something called Burgerfi, a trendster place spouting buzzwords ad nauseum.

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                      It's going to be a "BGR The Burger Joint", not "Burgerfi". www.bgrtheburgerjoint.com

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                        This place looks pretty good. I'm glad you noted the correction!

                    2. My son wanted Jake's the other day so we went to the Stratford location again. It had been a while since our last visit but I would agree they've changed both the meat and the rolls used. It wasn't anything to oooh and ahhh over but it was definitely an improvement over the last time we ate there. And at least they have pickled jalapenos versus raw. Can't stand raw on a burger. Misses that vinegary twang to go with the heat.

                      1. Meanwhile BGR on Farmington Ave. in W. Htfd center is turning out some great burgers. I much appreciated the thick, rare(dry aged) burger I got instead of the over cooked thin patties at Jake's or 5 Guys.

                        Farmington Ave Restaurant
                        960 Farmington Ave, Berlin, CT 06037

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                          That's a tease. Start a new thread and tell us more, please!

                        2. I tried a Jake's Cheeseburger in the Stratford location today - double-patty with the works. In my opinion it was very good: freshly made, juicy, nice soft roll, decent toppings, a good special sauce. The fries were also good. I really don't understand why this place is getting negative reviews. The place is what it is - a fast food joint. But it is serving food which is head and shoulders above the competition for about a buck a meal more.

                          1. Ok, against my better judgement (and your warnings) I tried this place myself last night because it was close and we were hungry.
                            First off...I'm shocked at the prices. The burger prices weren't terrible but we each got a burger (one w/ fries the other w/ rings). $1.99 for merely a suggestion of fries and $3.99 for 8 onion rings. Wow!
                            I didn't hate the burger. It was fresh and tasty as were the toppings. The bacon was limper than I like (I love that 5 Guys has SUPER crisp bacon). With so many other (good) burger joints in West Hartford (newly minted capital of Burger Joints...with a total of 5!) I will easily drive right past Jake's and get my burger fix elsewhere.