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Aug 24, 2011 04:22 AM

That time of year-US Open

Ok, the US Open starts this coming Monday. Will be going twice as the tournament is going on. Can you recommend places to go for dinner nearby? Any new places open in the past year? Don't want to go to Flushing for the tons of chinese restaruants...Astoria is ok...any places right by the stadium grounds? We like italian, mexican, greek,...please no asian food (we eat that too often as it is)...any price range, just looking for good food. Thanks in advance for your recommendations.

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  1. Tortilleria Nixtamal is really good mexican food in corona, and not far the stadium grounds.

    Tortilleria Nixtamal
    104-05 47th Ave, Queens, NY 11368

    1. Okay, so I'm a Bklynite weighing in on Queens geography, but here goes. If you go out the back exit of the Open, make a left and walk out of the park by the Hall of Science (5 min. walk), you'll be on 111th St and 49th Ave. On 108th St and 51st Ave, only 3 or so blocks away from this entrance is Park Side, one of the best old line red sauce Italian restaurants left in NYC. We go regularly. Additionally, Lemon Ice King is right there and so are a couple of other restaurants. And an outdoor bocce court. Worth going to.

      By the way, although the Open starts Monday, this week is/has been the Qualifying Rounds and that's free. We went Tues and will be going back tomorrow (Friday). Given the rain today (Thurs.) the matches should be backed up a little and tomorrow should be pretty full of great tennis watching. Starts at 11am.

      Park Side
      107-01 Corona Ave, Queens, NY 11368

      Lemon Ice King of Corona
      52-02 108th St, Queens, NY 11368

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      1. re: Steve R

        oops.... make a right after exiting the back way, while facing the Unisphere (I told you I was geographically challenged).

      2. Great suggestions, all...keep 'em coming. I appreciate it.

        1. There's a ton of amazing Latin food at the Junction Blvd. stop on the 7 -- one express stop from the Open. My favorite: amazing Cuban at Rincon Criollo (our review might give you an idea of their offerings:

          Rincon Criollo
          40-09 Junction Blvd, Queens, NY 11368

          1. My first stop would be Don Alex on Corona Ave by 108th St (right across from Parkside). Very walkable from the rear entrance/exit of the tennis center (towards the unisphere).

            A very short subway ride will get you to Rincon Criollo as was mentioned earlier. Be sure to get the arroz con pollo off the regular menu.

            Rincon Criollo
            40-09 Junction Blvd, Queens, NY 11368

            Don Alex
            106-26 Corona Ave, Queens, NY 11368