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Aug 24, 2011 01:25 AM

Modest-priced Sonoma restaurant for a small group

I am charged with choosing a Sonoma restaurant with modest prices for a group of about 10 Friday evening of Labor Day Weekend. I've perused menus at places available on Open Table and the least offensive appears to be Depot.

Has anyone eaten there recently? Does anyone have another suggestion?

Many thanks.

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    1. re: wolfe

      I was going to suggest La Salette as well...

    2. Can you tell us what you mean by "least offensive"? Are you looking for lower prices? Or a different kind of food?

      I had dinner at the Depot Hotel about two months ago. It's not cutting edge Italian, but our salads and pastas were fine and service was good. We commented that it would be a good place to bring some of our visitors who are generally shocked by the high prices in Bay Area restaurants.

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      1. re: Chilanga

        Sorry to be slow to reply.

        I confess I could have used a more neutral term to say what I meant, which was basically a somewhat more interesting selection of dishes.

        Our party of 11 was quite pleased with both the setting and the food at Depot Hotel, which actually turned out to be a bit more diverse than the online menu had suggested. Ended up costing 41 pp with tax, tip, and corkage.

        I emailed La Salette asking if it could handle our party but did not receive a reply.