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Aug 23, 2011 11:50 PM

One Night in Mumbai, Where to Dine?

I'm going to India for a meditation retreat just outside Mumbai. I have ONE day to experience the food in the city. Where to go? I'd love a killer street or market recommendation for lunch and maybe a fancier, special, but magical, typical place for a nice dinner. What say you India Hounders?

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  1. Where in the city will you be and how will you get around? Mumbai traffic is nightmarish, and if you are outside the city, it could take half your day to get in and out.

    The downtown/Colaba area has the best food - both upscale and downscale. The western suburbs have lot of overpriced, pretentious restaurants and no real street food scene of note but may be more convenient and several downtown restaurants have outposts there. Not the same thing, but may be easier if time is limited.

    Per se, the best upscale Indian restaurant in the city is probably Masala Kraft at the Taj Palace hotel, and Khyber which is nearby is also very good. A solid set of street food options are also found in the area. Use bottled water everywhere though, and avoid ice or green chutneys off street carts.

    1. need to know a little more before advising you, what kind of cuisine are you looking for? since you say your are outside the city, i would recommend you head to the ITC Grand Maratha which is near the international airport. They have a fantastic option for South Indian cuisine in Dakshin, you can also try their famous kebabs at Peshawri or experience North Indian cooking Dum style at Dum Pukth. bear in mind these are more on the expensive side, a meal for two with drink would be about 6000-8000 (140-200US$)

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        I love the ultra-delicate Kakori kebabs served at Dum Pukht.

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          @ Kyleoh, i highly recommend trying another ITC restaurant Kebabs n Kurries which is at their ITC Grand Central location in Central Bombay. This one is a collection of all their other North Indian kitchen recipes, so its like the best of all worlds, dishes from Peshwari/Bukhara and Dum Pukth available !

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            Thanks for the heads-up - will definitely check it out the next time I'm in Mumbai :-)

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              I second KnK. The ambience is generic, but the service and food are excellent.

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                the only thing i dislike about ITC chain restaurants is on an average they are fairly ridiculously priced.