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Ogunquit/Portland Area Seafood gastro Pub

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Headed to Ogunquit for a couple of days and plan to eat a TON of lobster. I'm looking ofr a good place to buy fresh lobster (as in from the dock). I'm also looking to make a trip to Portland and will check out J's Oysters. I'm looking for good bars with great local beer that serve somewhat cheap raw bar. Any suggestions?

J's Oyster
5 Portland Pier, Portland, ME 04101

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  1. Go to District on Danforth St. Not the easiest place to find, it's just a few blocks west of the Old Port. Happy hour 4-6PM (M-F), $1 oysters and $2 short drafts - about 10 beers on tap. Good selection of local/from away although nothing rare or out of the ordinary. District is a little out of the way and overlooked by many but they're doing some nice food and drink there. Nice gastro pub-like feel as well. Old Port Sea Grill has a nice raw bar but it's expensive and the place is really too trendy looking to be considered any kind of pub.

    Old Port Cafe
    111 Main St, Winterport, ME 04496

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      Awesome, thank you, sounds perfect. I'll be sure to post my reactions...

    2. If you go to J's, just remember to skip the oysters: see previous discussions on this board.

      1. Ok, so, I went to J's a few weeks back, two days before the Hurricane (Irene) hit. I made the trip to Portland from Oqunquit with the purpose of going to J's and checking out Portland. I was not let down on either front. It was a beautiful day out, so thankfully my party was able to get a table out on the back patio. we were a party of 5 PLUS a 9 month old baby in a stroller. i was a little worried about the atmosphere being a little to gruff for my baby, but that could not have been further from the truth! I found the staff to be very helpful, accommodating, and friendly. They were more than happy to seat us (after a short wait) and brought out a high chair for my baby boy.

        Ok, so the food. I sampled my wife's clam chowder, and then ordered myself a crab roll and a lobster roll. I also ordered a bucket of steamers for the table, though i had a bunch of them. the chowder was above average, the lobster roll was probably the best of the group, and the steamers were a hit with everyone grabbing some. I did find them to be a little gritty, but that is obviously to be expected. the grit really bothers me, but my wife LOVES it. Grit aside, the steamers were quite good.

        Overall, i strongly recommend the joint for some good drinking, good eating,and fun, cool, "gritty atmosphere. Again, we were there for lunch, but i know i would like to go back and do some drinking and eating at night!

        J's Oyster
        5 Portland Pier, Portland, ME 04101

        1. My wife and i went to BB's on our first night in the "O." It was a little late, but we had a great meal, and the staff was great as well! The highlight of the meal for me were the big friend clams. While I was shocked that they served Ken's tarter sauce out of a packet (I found that most places did this and used packets in general), the clams were some of the best I have had. I had the stuffed lobster for dinner, and i think i would have been fine with just the regular lobster, it was good. I just found the stuffing part to be a bit much, and not all that good. the clam chowder was also quite good as were the scallops. Overall, a good time, kid friendly, and worth a trip for sure.

          Barnacle Billy's
          Perkins Cv, Ogunquit, ME 03907

          1. I housed a 3.5 pound lobster! Very good meal, good family enviornment, nice staff, but pretty pricey as far as the lobster goes.

            Ogunquit Lobster Pound Restaurant & Lounge
            256 Route 1, Ogunquit, ME 03907

            1. I loved this place. By day 4 in town, we were all a little seafood out, so we tried this joint. It was also one of the few places open on the Sunday of Hurricane Irene. The staff was really helpful, and very fun, and did a great job! We had tons of food, and all of it was wonderful. I have to say that I could not resist ordering the lobster pizza for the table and even with all of the seafood we had had that week, it was STILL really great!

              I totally suggest you make this place a destination while in town, it was head and shoulders above BOTH Mexican joints in town!

              Pizza Napoli
              667 Main St, Ogunquit, ME 03907