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Aug 23, 2011 09:48 PM

Knife Sharpening Orlando

I have taken my husbands hunting knives to Bass Pro to have sharpened and he always seems happy with them. I would like to get his kitchen knives sharpened but I hesitate to take them to the outdoor store.

1. Is it ok to have them sharpened there?
2. If not does anyone have a recommendation for a local sharpener?

Thank You

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  1. I recently used Tim at Top Chef Tools. He has a mobile unit and primarily works with restaurants. I met in the Tampa bay area, but he is in Orlando more frequently.

    I was very happy with the job he did. I met him on his route, he sharpened while I waited and the price was very reasonable. He knows knives! Also has some great kitchen tools available too.

    1. I have used Buddy Blades several times with nice results, they will come and pick them up and deliver them back when done. Just google their name.

      Good Luck

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      1. re: barbjorg

        Barbjorg & Meatn3,

        Thank you for your replies. I did call Buddy Blades and they were fantastic. They sharpened the knives and the price I thought to be extremely reasonable.

        1. re: carrollwoodz

          Truffles and Trifles in College Park also has a knife sharpener stop by some Saturdays. She ususally posts the times on her website:

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            Tried to call Buudy Blades their phone was out of service. Anyone know any other service that will pick up in Orlando (by Seaworld) and maybe provide loaner knives?

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              Top Chef Tools sharpens while you wait. Tim is very responsive to emails and lets you know where he will be at what time.

        2. A friend told me that there is a knife sharpener who sets up at the Audobon Park Farmers' Market on Monday evenings, over by Stardust on Corrine Drive.

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          1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

            It might be the same guy who is at the Lake Eola Farmers Market on Sundays.

            I can't remember his name off the bat but his company is Steel and Stones LLC.