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Aug 23, 2011 08:27 PM

Osteria Procaccino - Kingston

Not much to write home about. I was looking forward to Procaccino's—I live down the street—but the pizza I had was disappointing. The heart of any pizza for me is the crust, and this one was diet thin, needed salt and lacked flavor; the cheese was almost non-existent, the tomato was good, not too sweet (and not a sauce, for those like me who care about such things) but salty, the sausage was ground and didn't have much fla vor. I liked my arugula salad. The place was a racket—a live album of Italian disco rock on the system, mostly applause, and the staff listened to talk radio. Eat outside if you can.

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  1. This is a bummer. I had a great lunch on a Saturday afternoon there. We ate inside and it was reasonably quiet -- maybe it's louder at other times? The pizza we had was not the most amazing pizza I've eaten in my life, but I thought it was good. the ingredients were fresh, it was served hot out of the oven, and the flavors were well-balanced. It was a really nice meal.