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Aug 23, 2011 06:57 PM

Any suggestions for a wedding rehearsal dinner near the Rye Town Hilton?

I'm trying to plan a rehearsal dinner for about 40 guests, many of whom will be staying at the Rye Town Hilton. I'm not getting a great vibe from the hotel restaurant, since I can't even seem to get the sales manager to return my call. Thanks.

Rye Town Hilton
699 Westchester Ave, Rye Brook, NY 10573

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  1. There are some great restaurants in the area that would probably work for you. Not sure what you have in mind in terms of food, price or vibe though. Coming to mind right off the bat because of proximity to the hotel would be Nessa, Tarry Lodge, Ruby's, Rye Grill and Bar. Not sure how far you feel is ok for your guests to drive or cab. There are places in Harrison and White Plains that might work, too. But again- not sure what distance you feel is good for your guests.

    Rye Grill and Bar
    1 Station Plaza, Rye, NY 10580

    Tarry Lodge
    18 Mill St, Port Chester, NY 10573

    1. Many years ago I too was in the same boat. Same situation: guests at RTH, what resto do I pick? In the end I went with La Panetiere in Rye & the hotel arranged for a bus to bring us there & back.

      Good food, nice upstairs room (private), good menu choices and a beautiful setting as well. Probably about 10/15 mins south of RTH on I95.

      Worth a shot!

      La Panetiere
      530 Milton Rd., Rye, NY 10580

      1. We recently had an office function at Arrosto, which is less than five minutes' drive from the Hilton. We had a private room, which I think would fit 40 (call them and ask). We had about 20 people and they set up cocktail tables around the perimeter of the room. We had a cocktail hour with passed hors d'oeuvres, followed by a four course meal (salad and pasta served family style, individual entrees and desserts). Everything was delicious and the price was reasonable.

        1. Red Cat upstairs room might work; right on Hudson River.

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            1. re: martyl9

              Red Hat is nowhere near the Rye Town Hilton. And the views of the Hudson from upstairs are not all that great.

            2. Do you have a distance/radius that you want guests to stay within? That might help us to help you. There are some nice places in Greenwich, too. That's not far from Rye Brook.

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              1. re: MRS

                La Pan. or Arrosto would be on my short list. Tarry Lodge is great for pizza & pasta but not worth the prices for entress or private dining. Nessa is cute for date night not large party.

                No need to go more then 10 minutes from hotel. Even in Rye Brook since you don't want to compete with the next day's wedding you could even look into westchester burger company. Or in Rye Morgan's back room is nice and slightly better food then sister resto rye bar & grill. Ruby's also may be worth a shot.

                Do let us know where you pick & how it went. Congratulations by the way.

                1. re: cubanat

                  I guess it would depend on the vibe they are looking for, but I think Westchester Burger Co. would be a little casual. For the record, I made my mother's 65th birthday party at Nessa and it was fabulous, classy and special. They worked extremely hard to make every single detail perfect. My 30th was at Ruby's and that was fantastic, too.

                  1. re: MRS

                    totally agree on the laid back vibe-ness of WBC. At Nessa how many people were there at your mom's event? I just find it on the smallish side for a 40-60 person private party. IMO I would even try Trattoria Vivolo in Harrison but again it's not a big place so I left it out of reco.

                    Trattoria Vivolo
                    301 Halstead Ave, Harrison, NY 10528

                    1. re: cubanat

                      We invited close to 50. It snowed that night so far fewer people came but that was the original plan.

                      1. re: MRS

                        Were they going to give you the entire place almost? They do treat guests very nice. I love the outdoor area with the bocce court.

                        1. re: cubanat

                          Yes, they were. And, yes they really, really do treat their guests very nicely!! The party was amazing- no matter the snow. Every single detail was attended to and we were all thrilled.