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Aug 23, 2011 06:50 PM

Russian food served anywhere in Pdx?

Could be a full menu of Russian/Ukrainian food such as Piroshki or borscht. Treating a Russian friend who seems a little homesick. Thanks in advance, as my computer access limited so back when I can. I appreciate any help.

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  1. There are a few Russian groceries , #1, 2 & 4 on this yelp site
    the one I like is on Division...
    and we happened into a russian grocery that has an adjoining restaurant on SE 92nd off Foster, but we haven't tried it yet.
    There is a Ukranian Church in Sellwood that serves perogies, cabbage rolls and sausage on Saturday from 11am-2pm 8014 16th Ave

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      Cheeseisheaven, thank you so much for this information. My friend will be very pleased, I'm sure. Can't wait to check these out! xo

      1. re: jennilou

        So welcome...please let us know what she thinks....

    2. Javaman at 1432 SW 6th Ave has great Ukrainian food. Go for lunch, you'll leave satisfied. Great blini, piroshski & borscht.