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Aug 23, 2011 03:59 PM

"Small Plates Crawl" Solo diner in NOLA/November 2011

I'm intriqued by a couple of posts in the Drago's thread by Rouxdauphine & edible complex...gave some nice 'small plates" (& drinks!!) recommendation. I'm a solo diner, I have no problems sitting at a table alone, but always enjoy the bar. I'm pasting one post as an example, and I'm hoping for others. Any that include the marigny area would be great too!

"At Dragos's be sure to sit at the oytster bar, have them shuck a dozen (or half) raw for you, share some chargrilled Ithey will take you more seriously if you sit at the oyster bar), head over to Mr. B's for BBQ shrimp, then go to Redfish Grill and have BQQ oysters (flash fried oysters with a sauce similar to Buffalo wings, but with Crystal instead of tabasco, a subltle touch of honey with bleu cheese garnish. Depending on the time of day (after 5, by now--double check opening time), head over to the French 75 Bar at Arnaud's, have a nicely crafted cocktail and Oysters Bienville -- created there. Okay, someone come up with the next leg of the crawl..." quoted from Rouxdauphine's post

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  1. For the next leg of that crawl, I'd send you to the food bar at NOLA for stuffed chicken wings with Hoisin sauce. I'll let the next poster take you from there.

    For an entirely different crawl, try heading to the CBD and Warehouse District. August for Crabmeat Gnocchi, Mike's on the Avenue for Barbecue Oysters and/or Blackened Tuna Napoleon, Herbsaint for the any of the beef short rib, shrimp and grits or gnocchi (again) with pancetta and mushrooms. A newer place I like is Tomas (formerly Tomasito's) where they make some of the best chicken flautas I've ever ever tasted.

    Have fun!

    701 Saint Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70130

    1. i've small plate at the bar crawlled at pelican club (seafood martini ) and cafe adelaide ( shrimp corndogs ). both places were fun and yummy. i also have eaten at the bar at mila and herbsaint. it's the way i eat in new orleans.

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        thanks Jeff & Katie! Yes califkatie, I think small plates is the way to go on some of my days in NOLA. I tend to stuff myself silly, so much so, that I usually spend a day or not eating much at all because of the over indulgence.