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Aug 23, 2011 03:31 PM

Cooking Schools in Japan?

If am hoping for a solid contact for cooking schools in Japan. I've researched a bit and been met with many dead ends. I can allocate 2-3 weeks this mid-September to mid-October for a course in any region offering an exceptional experience. I would be grateful for any assistance, kind regards...

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    1. re: Robb S

      No, but spending alot of time with Rosetta Stone program to learn.

      1. re: omnivoreswanderlust

        That ain't going to cut it... Perhaps there is somewhere where the courses are taught in English?

        1. re: Uncle Yabai

          The only place that I know of that might be of interest is Elizabeth Andoh's program, but classes are limited and as far as I know they are mostly one-day events. I recommend you contact her, and even if she can't offer you something that fits your schedule I'm sure she can steer you in the right direction. She has been prompt and helpful to me in the past. As someone who has been to Japan a few times to train in both kitchens and schools, and whose second language is Japanese, I can tell you that just being limited in my reading skills presented huge barriers when I was in formal cooking schools. Most of the professional places that you are likely to find like Tsuji will have large classes and have little opportunity for you to ask questions during lecture if you don't catch what they are saying. If you can afford it, you are probably better off paying someone like her for private instruction than toughing it out in a professional school.

          1. re: la2tokyo

            Thank you, that is very helpful and I shall follow up on your advice. Regards, I'll let you know.

            1. re: omnivoreswanderlust

              I took part in a half day soba making course here:
              It's in North Tokyo

              I had excellent tuition in English, but I may have just been extremely lucky (I was the only student that day) and I was certainly not expecting an English language tutor. The booking was arranged for me on my request in Japanese by my father-in-law.

              The school does longer courses also - I'd advise emailing them in simple English with your enquiry.

              At 3,150yen for a course, a meal and enough freshly made soba to make dinner this was outstanding value.
              This establishment also offers a whole array of courses including 5 day and 10 day programs.

              I was using youtube to study soba making techniques and found out about this class with the following link:

              If you do decide to pursue this option, I'd highly recommend "The Book of Soba" by James Udesky as a useful and very interesting primer. Having read it I would have still been able to take part and enjoy the lesson even if I hadn't lucked out with the exceptional language skills of my tutor (my own Japanese is EXTREMELY basic). But then again, it was only a short basic course.

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