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Aug 23, 2011 02:59 PM

Lunch on the way to Cape Cod?

We're driving from around Greenwich, CT to Chatham on Friday morning. I'm hoping the traffic won't be too bad and that both Johnny Ad's in Old Saybrook and Abbott's in Noank will come up too early for lunch. Any suggestions for something quick, yummy and only a little bit off the highway (95, then 195 after Providence, then 25) before we hit the Cape? Or, depending on how brutal Rte. 6 is and how starving the child is, right off Rte 6 in Sandwich or Barnstable? All my lunch ideas on the Cape seem to be off of either 6A or 28.

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  1. I have not found anything past Abbott's before Sandwich besides
    fast food, but maybe someone else can chime in.
    In Sandwich we go to Cafe Chew quite often, good food, casual atmosphere.
    Also Aqua Grill in Sandwich has had some good reviews, though I have
    not personally been.
    (You should be fine with the traffic if you leave in the morning, by the way.)

    1. Antonio's in New Bedford or Margaret's in Fairhaven?? I work in E. Sandwich and there is nothing that strikes my fancy besides Cafe Clew or Momo's. What about Oysters II at Barnstable Harbour?

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        I forgot Antonio's, thanks phelana! Hmm, haven't been for a while..

        Where is Momo's? Haven't heard of it..

      2. We stop at Walt's Roast Beef outside of Providence,. RI in a strip mall near the TF Green airport. It's fast food but made to order, Excellent roast beef sandwiches and fries.