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Aug 23, 2011 02:53 PM

What's Your Favorite Source for Rye Bread in SD?

I am thinking of sour, tangy, chewy-style bread.


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  1. I know the food snobs won't like it, but I think Bread & Cie has a very good rye bread - and their seedy baguette is as good as anything I had in France.

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    1. re: berliz

      Not food snobs, it just isn't Jewish rye. The only spots I can think of are DZ Akins and Bristol Farms, Whole Foods or Henry's bakeroes on occasion do rye. I'll also remember to look at the famer's market next time I go.

        1. re: scottca075

          The corn rye at Bread & Cie is very good, certainly better than what DZ Akins offers. What is it about the Bread & Cie's corn rye that you consider not Jewish rye? Just curious.

        2. re: berliz

          2nd Bread and Cie for this. Their challah is also good.

        3. Trader Joe's has a pretty good onion rye, my only complaint being its size and shape being rather small and round, which limits the number of slices that are really usable for sandwiches, but the flavor and texture are good..

          1. Con Pane Bakery in Liberty Station bakes a Rye with caraway seeds on Mondays ( I believe). When I'm not in the mood for caraway but am looking for a hearty bread, I get the multi-grain instead - delish!