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Aug 23, 2011 02:17 PM

Chip Steak help!!

I bought a vacuum pack of grass-fed chip steak, and I have no idea how to prepare it!! I was wanting to do a French-Dip type sandwich, but I have never made one before. I tried looking for recipes, but I could only find them for using either pre-cooked deli meat or a big roast. What would be the best way to cook the meat and still reserve the juices for making an au jus? I'm fairly adept in the kitchen, and can follow just about any recipe.. I just don't have a lot of experience with beef, since I just started eating it about a year ago.

Thanks :-)

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  1. The only way I know to fix chip steak is in a fast, hot frying pan. Make a sandwich with tomato, lettuce, etc. If you are set on French dip, I'd use a cut I could braise. You could, ouch, mix up a packet of Lawry's au jus dry mix.

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      For cooking in the frying pan then, should I use olive oil/butter? Or do in a nonstick or griddle pan?

    2. If you've ever seen a Philadelphia Cheese Steak sandwich prepared you've seen a demonstration of an excellent way to use chip steak. There are lots of recipes on the Internet that will get you started on the process.
      Here's one:
      You could also use it as an ingredient in a Beef Teriyaki or any Asian recipe (beef and broccoli, beef with snow peas, beef and asparagus, etc.) that interests you.

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        We may have a different definition of a chip steak. Here in CA, they are located in the frozen section and are cut *extremely* thin and are usually round in shape and quite delicate to handle and have a pressed together look. Not sure now, what the OP has, but the Phily cs is cut thinly from a larger roast type piece, ie sirloin, rib eye.

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          Nope, I think we're talking about the same thing. I'm from the left coast too. Chip steak, depending on your choice of meat supplier, can be paper thin or just slightly thicker. Cutting it into strips and cooking it quickly on a grill or in a wok makes it a perfect ingredient for Philly Cheese type sandwiches. It would not, of course, be an authentic version - but it'll work.

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            >>> It would not, of course, be an authentic version - but it'll work.<<<
            Sure any thinly cut beef would be fine.

            In CA chip steaks are AKA minute steaks.