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OK, WHO is going out for dinner post earthquake this evening?

ME! I am not in the mood to cook! We're going for burgers and beer. What about you?

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  1. It's times like these that I wish I kept some gin in my desk drawer. My knees were knocking while evacuating here in Tysons. Note to self: Don't ever move to CA.

    My husband's cooking tonight and I'm guessing a cocktail will be waiting for me when I get home (and traffic seems to be lightening up out there, thank goodness).

    Here's my favorite reporting from the day:


    Enjoy the burgers!

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      I kept wondering why it couldn't have taken place BEFORE lunch, therefore curbing my appetite, therefore saving me calories since going to the gym after work was NOT happening.

      Oy vey, Washington...oy vey.

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        I remember my first earthquake in CA in 1964.

        This was scarier, as I wasn't expecting it. I yelled "Earthquake, Earthquake, Duck and Cover." Which I did. Funny how those admonitions take over.

        Living in VA, perhaps 70 miles from epicenter.

        Dinner: Corned beef and cabbage, mashed potatoes, roasted red onions, homemade rye bread.

        Opened a bottle of wine!

      2. Anyone who delivers is fine by me. They shut our building down at 3:00, thankfully I only live a mile from home. Hubby is in Massachusetts for the week. He didn't know anything about it until I was finally able to get through on the phone lines.

        First earthquake for me - it was a bit weird. Not horrifying, but most certainly strange.

        1. Be sure you report on those burgers, comparing them to Ray's, Elevation Burger, and In-and-Out (even if you've never been there).

          I had just finished lunch at the Baja Fresh in Falls Church (which, by the way, seems to have gone down hill) and was shopping for some cheap "school" supplies in Staples next door when I heard a rumble and noticed the light fixtures swinging, but no more excitement than that. I did see a lot of people standing outside of building in Falls Church on the way home, though. But they weren't gathered outside restaurants. Apparently they just couldn't wait to get back to work. ;)

          I'm grilling some chicken at home for dinner, though had thought about going over to the Eden Center and seeing if any of the restaurants had a special on "shaky beef."

          Eden Center
          Falls Church, VA, USA, Falls Church, VA

          1. Ate at home. About 15% of the houses in my neighborhood sprung leaks due to water heaters knocked off kilter. I did have a large gin and tonic to settle my nerves.

            1. My brother took our nephew fishing yesterday. We had fresh rockfish and mackeral for dinner least night.

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              1. My thoughts exactly! We had to drink numerous beers and eat steak frites to calm the jitters. Oh and maybe a couple of shots too...

                1. We also went out for burgers and beer. Destination: Joe's Gourmet Burgers in McLean. We've never had a smoothly served meal there, but the quality of the food is wonderful.

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                  1. re: Indy 67

                    hey indy!
                    that is a big burger. so you recommend the place for many different food items, too? the menu looks good, though the "chop't" contraction is a bit odd ;-) what is your favorite burger? i liked the turkey piccata sandwich idea on the menu,..and the BLT with chevre. they look like they've got a good palate for food combinations.

                    and the organic butcher,…does he have good country style sausage? we are so wanting a good snausage place! LOL

                    1. re: alkapal

                      Definitely a big burger!

                      Our meal there on the 23rd was the first time we've ever ordered anything beyond than a burger. We wanted a salad to nibble with our drinks so we split a Caesar. (We asked if they had a small house salad, but the answer was "no." I'm not sure that's actually true since I saw what sure looked like one going past our table, but when we directly mentioned this the server said it was probably the bunless salad.) At any rate, the Caesar salad was perfectly acceptable. Here's where the "never had a smoothy served meal" comment comes in: We were served the burgers before we had finished our salad. The burgers were hot and perfectly cooked so we didn't want to let them sit. We simply abandoned our salads.

                      You're right about the interesting flavor combinations. I had one of the specials: the Red, white, and blue burger with red onion marmalade, blue cheese, and I'm drawing a blank on the "white." My husband had another of the specials with bacon and barbecue sauce and other stuff. The degree of doneness on both burgers was spot on, the meat quality-- including my husband's bacon -- was outstanding,

                      As for your sausage question, we don't shop at the organic butcher so I can't help you. Have you tried the sausages from Bernie Stachowski (sp?) who sells at the Falls Church Farmer's market? If you arrive no earlier than 8:30, he'll have some cooked sausages available for sampling. Any earlier and samples tend to be still cooking.

                      Not country sausage, but my husband recently had an Italian sausage sub from the Italian Gourmet in Vienna that he said was the best Italian he's ever eaten.

                      Incidentally, the Italian Gourmet also owns Molly's Gelato at the opposite end of the same shopping center and you're welcome to carry your sandwiches from the Italian Gourmet to eat at the table indoors at Molly's. Of course there's a motive behind their graciousness. We inevitably buy some gelato or frozen yogurt any time we do this! I'm happy to report that their both their gelato and yogurt is really, really good.

                      1. re: Indy 67

                        Thanks, Indy. We just got powered up, post-Irene. Yes, we have had the Stachowski sausages, but found them quite expensive for the value. (And we were also disappointed with the Stachowski charcuterie at Thirsty Bernie). We will check out the Italian Gourmet's offerings. Thank you for your tips!

                        Thirsty Bernie
                        2163 N Glebe Rd, Arlington, VA 22207