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ISO mint julep mix

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Just got back from New Orleans and looking to make a nice cold Mint Julep. Can anyone tell me where to buy Dr. Jack's Old Southern Gentleman's Mint Julep Mix or something similar? It's really just a minty syrup (minty sugar water).


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  1. I am not familiar with "Dr. Jack's Old Southern Gentleman's Mint Julep Mix", but if you say it's a mint syrup meant to be mixed with water to make drinks, i have seen this in groceries.

    In particular, i've seen it at Adonis (8$) and Eden(7$). The prices are just from my memory so i may be off a bit.

    1. How about using the lime-mint sorbet at Kem Coba and adding Bourbon ? It's more like a mojito though.

      1. I just made juleps recently, and made the syrup at home. It was pretty easy.
        I just took a cup of sugar, a cup or so of water, and a bunch of mint and heated them just until boiling in a pot. Took off the heat, let it cool for an hour, then strained.

        1. There is also a mint syrup made by Teisseire and another one made by Williams that are available at supermarkets like Supermarche PA and IGA ($8). If you are lucky sometimes you can get a better deal at La Vieille Europe (3855 St-Laurent Montreal, H2W 1X9)

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            Teiseire was the one i talked about in my earlier post. Thank you for the name, its been bothering me :)