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Aug 23, 2011 12:38 PM

fresh crab

Hi i am in lake worth and need fresh jumbo lump crab meat any suggestion as to where it can fe found

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  1. check out in boynton Beach on fed hwy... I have been therre twice since it is out of my way, but it seemed to have real fresh fish.

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    1. re: SaminSFL

      Thanks Samin but they dont carry crab

    2. You might be better of getting canned rather than trying to find "fresh".

      AFAIK there's no "fresh" Blue Crab type meat in Florida. That would mean someone was both catching and picking them here, and that's not happening AFAIK.

      The canned is excellent, I've gotten it at Costco but I imagine other fish markets have it as well, for example check Capt Franks on BBB in Boynton just E of 95.

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      1. re: CFByrne

        Thanks i was going to hit up franks but thier phone is not working does anyone know if there still open and what the corerct number is the one online goes to a voice mail is full message

        1. re: haygar

          Franks often closes for a month during the dead season - I thought it used to be September - but maybe it's now.

      2. I am a fan of the canned Costco crab. It's better quality and better value than what I've found at Whole Foods. Be sure to to keep it in the fridge!