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Vegetarian (maybe seafood) in Denver?

I looked up vegetarian food in Denver, but the main post was mostly from 2009, and I know with the economy the way it is that things have changed on the food scene a bit. My best friend is coming in from Jersey at the end of October, and she has some very specific likes/food requirements that I really would like to accommodate while giving her an excellent culinary experience overall.

1) She's mainly vegetarian but freely partakes of seafood.
2) She's emphatically NOT vegan - that girl loves her some dairy!
3) While she loves pasta and sushi, she's in an area that has excellent examples of both, so I'm thinking to steer away from those. She also loves Mexican food, so a Mexican restaurant with a lot of vegetarian dishes would be a good choice.

She's here for a conference, so I'll probably only have two full days with her, but we'll probably be eating out for almost all of our meals, plus dinners on the days of her conference if she opts out of the networking opportunities.

Snooze is on the list for breakfast (we'll be there early on a weekday, so no crazy wait), and I'm thinking Euclid Hall and Vesta Dipping Grill for dinner/lunch. Totally open to suggestions though beyond those, and would love to give her some choices.

Vesta Dipping Grill
1822 Blake Street, Denver, CO 80202

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  1. Duo is one of my favorite spots in Denver - sincere farm-to-table values, good solid cooking, friendly and efficient service. It's not exclusively vegetarian but they typically offer a wide selection of vegetarian starters and at least two vegetarian main courses.

    Haven't been to Vesta in many years but I've really enjoyed two recent visits to Euclid Hall, although they mostly involved pigging out on their excellent housemade sausages.

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      Duo sounds good - I'll investigate:) Thank you!

    2. Not sure that Euclid Hall is a great choice for a vegetarian; their specialties are housemade sausages, schnitzel, and poutine, none of which are remotely vegetarian. Just FYI. I love the place, personally.

      Jax might be a good choice - great seafood, as well as meatier options for you.

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        You're right. Euclid Hall is probably a nonstarter, but the beer selection is so wonderful... Sigh. I will check out Jax - thanks!

      2. Tarasco's, on Federal a few blocks south of Alameda, has a wonderful selection of well thought out vegetarian dishes. Try the nopales asados.

        1. Root down is great! http://www.rootdowndenver.com/ I can't say enough about their food and variety. And they will honor any custom request, great food.

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            Tried Root Down for the first time last night. Met some friends with the hope for a nice meal before heading down to hear a talk by Thich Nhat Hahn. The short story is it was a disaster. Terrible service. We were there at 5:00 and still were waiting for our food to be plated at 6:30. Had to bail on the meal to make the talk. The service was terrible and while I would like to comment on the food I can't as we never had the chance to eat leaving us to sit through the talk on empty stomachs. Very disappointing!

            Root Down
            1600 W. 33rd Avenue, Denver, CO 80211

          2. I'm hoping this isn't too late, but I am still loving Cafe Brazil at 44th and Lowell. I'll admit that many ingredients are repeated on the menu, but I've never had anything but really well-prepared seafood and super friendly service.

            Cafe Brazil
            4408 Lowell Blvd, Denver, CO 80211

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              Not too late at all! She's coming in October:) I'm drawing up a list of places for her to choose from when she's here. Thanks!

            2. There are actually two very good sushi joints in town: Sushi SaSa (which is my favorite) and Sushi Den. Sushi SaSa's head chef worked for Chef Morioto from Iron Chef and Iron Chef America when he was in Philadelphia. Both places fly in sushi daily.

              I second Duo as being a great place where you can get some vegetarian, farm-to-table food. Additionally, check out Fruition, (the head chef has his own local farm where he makes cheeses as well as farms a number of the ingredients on the menu) TAG, (great seafood) Root Down, (my experience is that service can be hit or miss) Linger, (a new restaurant from the creators of Root Down) WaterCourse and City o City are both primarily vegetarian and perhaps vegan or Paralell 17. (Vietnamese) I'm sure you could also get some vegetarian dishes at Rioja which is another one of my favorites. The artichoke ravioli is sick, although I'm not sure if it's strictly vegetarian.

              I also second skipping Euclid Hall for food. It's not very vegetarian friendly although the food is excellent. The beer selection is insane, just make sure you know what the beer costs because they have some very expensive beers on the menu.

              If you want a cool spot to grab a cocktail, check out the Cruise Room for a martini or Green Russell.

              1431 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80202

              Sushi Den
              1487 S Pearl St, Denver, CO 80210

              Root Down
              1600 W. 33rd Avenue, Denver, CO 80211

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                Wow, this is some great thorough stuff - and a lot of names I haven't seen mentioned before. Thanks!

                I gotta check out Euclid Hall's menu for vegetarian options - she'd LOVE the beer selection. I'm basically going to be the designated driver on this trip:) We're also thinking of a brewery tour in Fort Collins.

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                  Ok, yeah, the vegetarian options are WAY limited at Euclid. Darnit! Maybe beer and dessert, or we could just pretend the mushroom poutine is vegetarian:D

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                    Check out Freshcraft for good beers and vegetarian selection. I've not been, but have heard great things about it.

                2. WaterCourse Foods and City, 'O City are Denver's two best known vegetarian restaurants (same ownership, I believe). C'OC is being remodeled (and I think expanded) but should be done by October. It is more of a cafe; WaterCourse is more of a restauarnt.

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                    Those both look WONDERFUL. She'll love them. Thank you!