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Aug 23, 2011 11:29 AM

St. Louis with a 2-year old

My wife and I went to St. Louis last year and enjoyed lunches at Iron Barley and Adriana's on the Hill, a dinner at Niche, and a brunch at Brasserie by Niche - but we were without the boy. We're going back for a weekend trip with a more toddler-friendly itinerary this time (planning to hit Grant's Farm and the zoo).

Any ideas for fairly casual/kid-friendly places with great food ? We're staying downtown near the ballpark and going to a game one afternoon (not sure how many innings he'll last!) - but we're comfortable driving around town to other neighborhoods.

One specific question - we went to the Shlafly Bottleworks last time and I'd like to try the Tap Room downtown this time. Is that a fairly low-key place ? Looks like pub food, so I think it would work.

And is there anywhere decent to eat near Grant's Farm, or should we just eat in town before driving out there ?

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  1. I am fairly new to town, but have a wee one as well, so have been trying to find restaurants that work with him.

    Schlafly Tap Room is very similar to the Bottleworks. Pub food, but also loud and busy, so a little person shouldn't cause too much trouble. I think the food is only fair, but it's a good environment with a child.

    We've been dining at the more casual places so we can eat quickly and because our kid may make some noise. Of those, I would recommend Pappy's and Bogart's Smokehouse -- related bbq but not owned by the same folks, in SLU and Soulard areas, respectively. Pizza is also a good option as there are some very decent pizza places in town: The Good Pie (SLU), Pi (Central West End and the Loop), Dewey's (University City). If you want very cheap Vietnamese, Banh Mi No. 1 on Grand (Dutchtown area) is quality and casual. For breakfast, Rooster on Locust in Downtown is child-friendly. The Bridge Wine Bar is less so, but you might try it too. I'll keep pondering on your behalf.

    Finally, you might try Brasserie again, as it can be lively enough that a toddler isn't too much distraction. If the weather cooperates, you can always try outside in case he should need to wander down the sidewalk.

    Schlafly Tap Room
    2100 Locust St, Saint Louis, MO 63103