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Aug 23, 2011 10:53 AM

Local Cafe: new restaurant/cafe on Piedmont Ave.

A new place called Local Cafe is open for business today on Piedmont Ave., in the Il Piemonte building (right next to Adesso). Breakfast and lunch only for now.

Soups and sandwiches and egg dishes, plus lots of locally sourced food items on the menu: Black Jet pastries, Far Leaves teas, Donkey and Goat wines on tap, INNA Jams, Tara's ice cream, etc. Otherwise, the food offerings seem very much in the same vein as Kitchen 388 on Grand Ave. It's a small space, but pleasant.

The coffee is from old-school North Beach roaster Graffeo -- I'm not really familiar with them, except vaguely by reputation. Anyway, I had a cappuccino and thought it wasn't bad. The house-made granola (with almonds and dried blueberries), served with Straus yogurt and local honey, was really, really good. Nice crunch, and sweetened with maple syrup, I believe.

Apparently the chef has worked at Pizzaiolo, Camino and, most recently, Boot & Shoe. I think they plan to start serving dinner later on, maybe in a month or so.

5008 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

4395 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA

Kitchen 388
388 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA

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  1. We went for lunch; a crowd kept coming in; not crowded but people knew the place was opened. My husband had a meatball sandwich; his comment "It was good, but I wouldn't return for it." His sandwich didn't come with any sides. I had a very small salad for $9.50; it was with little gems, bacon, ham and cheese. The dressing was very good. Nothing about the other ingredients stood out.

    It seems to be for the take out crowd; salads and sandwiches. A very pleasant staff and a pleasant room to sit in. The prices are on the high side for what they are offering.

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