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Aug 23, 2011 10:49 AM

Kinsen Noodles & Bar...?

Has anyone been there? Have friends visiting this week, and interested in checking it out.

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  1. I don't know it got panned pretty hard on city pages. I'm just pretty skeptical of anything near Calhoun Square these days. Chiang Mai Thai is pretty good restaurant I don't know why all these other places keep trying to make Thai restaurants in the Calhoun Square area and make food worse than places already there. I don't know that I've ever eaten at Tum Rup Thai but I see this going the same way make it trendyish put it on lagoon/lake/hennepin and make mediocre Thai food.

    1. Both Heavy Table and Southwest Journal had more favorable reviews than CityPages. Sounds like it's more than just Thai.

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      1. re: meljohns

        Yeah - I read both (or all three actually) reviews. Isn't it the same owners as Kindee Thai (across from the Guthrie)?

        I never did end up going their with the visitors... but now I feel the sudden NEED to try both Kindee and Kinsen. Will report back...

        Kindee Thai Restaurant
        719 S 2nd St, Minneapolis, MN 55401

        1. re: Dr.TriRunner

          Yea it is the same owner, I've never been to Kindee because the Sea Change happy hour starts 30min before it. Maybe some day we always talk about it.

          Sea Change
          806 Second Street S., Minneapolis, MN 55415

          1. re: astadtler

            I've been to Kindee Thai three times and all times have been extremely disappointing. The things that stick out in my mind were that the fresh spring rolls were huge and filled with lettuce, so had very little flavor, and the curries/stirfy were almost exclusively meat, not a nice balance of meat and complementary veggies. I also recall the chicken in my entree being very dry. I work about 3 blocks away and it would be wonderful if the food was good, but it's not.

            Kindee Thai Restaurant
            719 S 2nd St, Minneapolis, MN 55401