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Aug 23, 2011 10:42 AM

can any vinaigrette be a marinade?

I read something on Cook's Illustrated blasting users of Wishbone Italian dressing for using this as a marinade. But I make vinaigrette all the time and except for maybe a heavy dose of acid(vinegar I mean) can't any vinaigrette be used as a marinade given reasonable marinating times?

And the vinaigrette I have in mind to marinade is this:

Veg oil
red wine vinegar
chile in adobo

for chicken breasts

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  1. Theoretically, yes. The problem with Wishbone (or most bottled products) would be all the other stuff, like sugars, thickeners and other things that could affect taste, texture or what happens when you cook the food.

    If you were planning to grill those chicken breasts, I'd leave out the honey, which will likely burn on the grill.

    1. Short answer - yes. Any vinaigrette can be used as a marinade. Just be careful not to marinate the meat too long with the high acid mixture or it'll get mushy.
      P.S. Your recipe needs a bit of salt .....

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        lol - i do add salt, but forgot to mention it - thanks though