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Aug 23, 2011 10:01 AM

TO CH needs help picking a spot for dinner...

We are flying to MO for the weekend, and we have booked APDC for a saturday night.. and I need help for friday night.

We don't want anything too up-scale, it has to be fun, semi-casual but exceptional food. We have been to a lot of really great restaurants in our travels, so we're looking for something a bit more inventive and interesting. The main criteria is that it should be inventive, not too classic. Price point maybe kept at around under 100 pp not including wine.

Based on my reading, I saw the following as possibilities, but I am open to your suggestions..

La porte
Le Chevres
Quartier Generale
les trois petits bouchon

anything else you would recommend that fits my "unique but not too up-scale" criteria?

Thanks in advance everyone!!

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  1. Les Chevres closed a few years ago ...

    All other selections are good.

    1. I haven't been in a while, but Cinquieme Peche is usually pretty inventive and forward thinking, without losing out on its bistro charm. Otherwise 3PB and DNA are great options.

      1. Where are you flying from? (it helps define uniqueness / inventiveness).

        Regarding inventiveness: take out QG and put Les 400 Coups and Laloux. You could also add La Salle à Manger and the Tuck Shop (A tad less inventive but the vibe is quite good/ slightly more casual)

        1. For inventive, fun but not too upscale I'll vote for DNA and Trois Petits Bouchons from your list. I would have suggested Le Comptoir (and still do, but at your price point, you can do a lot of milleage in Mtl.

          1. I think I am going to go with DNA... can anyone give me an indication of how much I can expect to spend pp since their menu is not online?

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            1. re: hungryabbey

              approx. $40 for app + main w/o tax, tip, or booze.

              so roughly between $55-70 p/p inclusive with either dessert or wine.

              they have a 5-course tasting menu also. I think it goes for $85 w/o wine pairing and something like $125 with.