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Aug 23, 2011 09:53 AM

Cumming, GA

I will be taking care of my wheelchair bound and bored mother for two weeks, staying in Cumming. I don't know anything about the area, but would appreciate suggestions for food (within roughly a 30 min. radius or so) and sightseeing in the general region or, better yet, a combo of sightseeing/dining recommendations. Money not a huge issue, but she won't go super high-end.

Thanks very much.

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  1. Bellos is pretty good Italian--she might enjoy a ride to one of the parks around Lake Lanier--drive on Buford dam dr till just before the dam. Thers a really nice park there that has a paved path for a wheel chair--its about a mile long and is flat--hare BBQ pits there so you could cook a lunch if youre up to it--thyere in the shade