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Aug 23, 2011 09:19 AM

Atlanta-area Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or recommendations for localish CSAs. I'm looking to join one, but seems like there's a lot of options. Wanted to see if anyone had any success stories or warnings!

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  1. Moore Farms and Friends -
    I've been getting a weekly box from them for more than two years now. They have a pretty decent sized farm of their own, but most stuff they get from friends in GA, AL, and north FL. Easy online ordering, and you also have the option of customizable boxes. Highly recommended by me and many others in the area.

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      I hate to throw this in, but we did their CSA for a while and weren't as enthused. We did the pick-what-you-want version and found that some of the produce (we assumed it was coming from other partner farms in the SE) had a 1-2 day shelf life. There was something in every order that way. It was disappointing. They were good about crediting us or replacing stuff but we got gun shy about ordering with cooking something specific in mind.

      I'd lean toward going with one where you get-what-you-get b/c I'd think there's a better chance of it all being current that way.

    2. The 2 different CSA's I've gotten have both been through local synagogues. The latest one is through Jewish Food Alliance and the pick-up is at Shearith Israel in Morningside.

      I have enjoyed them, but be forewarned - it was hard for me to go through all of that produce, and I split it with 2 others! It was hard to get through so much of any one product, also - like the oodles of collard greens or pink-eyed peas. And once you get through it, a whole new batch comes the next week! You have to be creative and diligent.

      1. I joined TaylOrganic several years ago and LOVE it. They have many dropoff sites around town. Mine is on a neighbor's porch so I can stop at my convenience (people informally swap things they don't care for or cannot use there too). They are really flexible if you travel and so long as you let them know before they pack your share up, you can just skip a delivery and get a week extension on your contract. There are great extras (tomatoes, milk, eggs)... and lots of chances to go to the farm. I highly recommend them-